PTE is short for Pearson Test of English and is used to analyse your understanding and command of the language. These scores are required by many universities and employers, which is why securing a high score is recommended. 

PTE Exam in Cairo: Tips for a Good Score 

If you’re appearing for a PTE exam, you should consider following expert tips to score better. Here are some that you can follow: 

  • Create a Strategy 

When you start preparing for PTE, or any competitive exam for that matter, the first step should always be to start by creating a strategy to study. To create a study plan, understand your course, the weightage of marks, and your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have this, you will know how to spend time studying. Furthermore, you should consider tweaking your study plan after a couple of days, when you see progress. 

When you’re tweaking your study plan, you should look into the areas and sections you are good at and the ones you are not. Adjust your time to focus more on the weaker sections. 

  • Improve Your Written English 

Since one of the sections is going to analyse your command of written English, you will benefit greatly when you improve this part, it will help you greatly. Written English is 25% of the total score, and it will have two parts in the exam. You will have about 50 minutes (including the portion of Speaking) to complete this section. To score well in this section, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

  • Keep the sentences simple and short. 
  • Ensure that you pay close attention to grammar and punctuation. 
  • Use synonyms for words to avoid repetition. 
  • Learn how to structure your writing well. 

That said, practise creative writing. Since there will be questions on writing a story for your PET, creative writing will help you out. To make your writing stand out, memorise a few phrases, brainstorm ideas and then proofreading what you write. 

  • Spoken English Improvement 

Spoken English is a part of your reading section for the exam. Here, you will have to speak to answer the questions and you will be marked for clarity and command over the language. Since clarity and pronunciation are important parts of speech, focus on working on those before appearing for the exam. Here are some more tips to improve spoken English: 

  • Be calm before attempting to answer these questions, this will help you compose your mind and measure your words carefully. 
  • When you speak, remember to pronounce all the words correctly and clearly. Clear speech will fetch you more points. 
  • Do not rush to finish your sentences. 
  • Tips for Listening Section 

Preparing for the PTE exam in Cairo means that you will have to brush up on your listening skills as well. Consider training your mind to listen to different accents, PTE exam has a few questions that are in different accents. Furthermore, make it a habit to listen carefully. Test yourself by listening to small snippets, and then check if you remember all of it. Here are a few extra tips that can help you: 

  • Listen to natural pronunciation while reading the same thing, this helps in keeping you on track of what you’re listening to and understand how certain words are pronounced. 
  • Write what you hear. Doing so helps you get a better grasp of the spoken language and also hone your writing skills. 
  • A great way to practise listening to a diverse mix of accents and information is to listen to TED Talks. Using different videos listening to them and writing summaries will help you train your memory as well. 
  • Tips for the Reading Section

You have 30 minutes to attempt this section during the PTE exam in Cairo or anywhere else. To improve your reading skills, all you need to do is read. Reading and more reading is the only way to improve your speed, accuracy and ability to remember the information you read. While preparing for the exam, also remember that you will questions that pertain to re-ordering paragraphs. 

Preparing for PTE Exam in Cairo: Do you need a Prep School? 

Competitive exams have many aspects to them, which is why choosing to self-study but also having access to some experienced teachers is helpful. Look for prep schools with a good reputation, high success rates and features like online classes, live discussions and regular tests. 

English Wise offers you PTE exam classes. The team of expert teachers here help you strategise your study sessions, gives a detailed review of your progress and gives you access to previous years’ papers. Not only this, the teachers also guide you through the process of the exam, and the sections, and offer you details on how to fill the form, what information to use and other information like PTE exam fees in Doha, Cairo or anywhere else. To book your classes with the English Wise team, give them a call at 971552419200.