Starting your homeschool with a single income is a noble pursuit and a financial challenge. Families who want to provide a quality Christian education for their children while being mindful of budget constraints can find help in this article on the 5 best affordable Christian homeschool curriculum.

These options instill biblical values and cater to the financial realities of families where one parent is at work and the other is dedicated to homeschooling.

Let’s take a look.

Compass Classroom: Affordable Classical Education

Compass Classroom is an affordable option that seamlessly blends classical and Charlotte Mason methods.

Crafted by homeschool parents, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on engaging video lessons that make learning not only educational but also enjoyable.

Priced at just $39 per month, Compass Classroom ensures a cost-effective, Christian homeschool education for families navigating the waters of a single-income household.

The platform’s commitment to affordability doesn’t compromise the quality of the education it delivers.

Families opting for Compass Classroom gain access to a curriculum that nurtures a love for learning and benefit from the support services provided, including advice from trained educators and consultants.

The affordability of Compass Classroom, coupled with its dual focus on classical and Charlotte Mason methods, makes it a well-rounded and accessible choice for families seeking a Christian homeschool curriculum that aligns with their budgetary constraints.

Monarch: Quality Online Learning on a Budget

Monarch, brought to you by Alpha Omega Publications, addresses the financial concerns of single-income families without compromising on the quality of education.

Designed for grades 3rd-12th, Monarch offers video lessons, interactive exercises, and a self-paced structure, making it an ideal curriculum choice for working homeschool parents.

Priced at $39.95 per month, Monarch offers an unaccredited program that’s entirely online, reducing paper waste.

Monarch has replaced Switched-on-Schoolhouse and is now entirely based online.

Alpha Omega, who is the parent company, also offers:

●  Lifepac (paper-based paces),

●  Weaver (a unit studies curriculum),

●  Ignite Christian Academy (an accredited homeschool curriculum) and

●  Horizons (a teacher-led program with teachers’ manuals).


Schoolhouse Teachers: Extensive Courses at a Budget-Friendly Price

For families seeking a comprehensive Christian homeschooling curriculum without the hefty price tag, Schoolhouse Teachers emerges as a beacon of affordability.

Starting at just $22.97 per month (or you can often get their two for one homeschool year deal), this platform accommodates various grade levels, from PreK to 12th grade.

Their open-and-go basic school boxes are just the start of the adventure here. They also offer 25,000 video lessons in various formats and courses. Additionally, they have the most extensive elective range I’ve ever seen in a homeschool curriculum, meaning your kids can engage in interest-based learning effectively.

Because you can homeschool all your kids in all grades for one price, Schoolhouse Teachers is one of the cheapest homeschool programs that offers you a massive amount for a small price.

Easy Peasy All-in-One: Free Christian Curriculum

Easy Peasy is one of the best free homeschool curriculum available today. With everything accessible online, Easy Peasy covers PreK to 12th grade, embracing an eclectic teaching style that combines homeschool books, games, activities, and videos.

Easy Peasy All-in-One also helps parents who feel lost through community support through Facebook groups.

Parents can seek guidance and assistance, fostering a sense of shared responsibility in the homeschooling journey.

But, is Easy Peasy enough? Find out here.

Notgrass: Budget-Friendly Christian History Curriculum

Notgrass is an open-and-go boxed or mailable homeschool curriculum. This program is a budget-friendly geography and history curriculum because textbooks are written for children of multiple ages. This means it’s a family-style homeschool curriculum where you can sit your kids down and teach them at the same time. No having to go around to each child and sit with them separately!

Notgrass equips homeschooling families with engaging hands-on materials for a biblical worldview. The curriculum is priced to accommodate single-income households, providing an affordable option for those who prioritize instilling Christian values through history education. Their most popular program is From Adam to Us. It’s terrific if you have middle school-aged children.

The Bottom Line on Affordable Christian Homeschool Curriculum…

Choosing an affordable Christian homeschool curriculum isn’t just a practical decision; it’s a commitment to ensuring that the journey of homeschooling remains both enriching and economical for families navigating the unique challenges of a single-income household. These curated options not only make quality education accessible but also contribute to the holistic development of children in a budget-conscious environment.

About Rebecca Devitt

Rebecca Devitt is a Christian homeschool mom of two children who lives in Australia with her gorgeous husband, Tristan. After a period in school, Rebecca’s parents started homeschooling her. She loved it so much that she now spends her precious spare time telling everyone how wonderful homeschooling can be. She runs the How to Homeschool YouTube Channel and a website called How Do I Homeschool.