Do you wish to know the percentage of businesses that have made so many sales just by using the lead generation strategy? Over 50-80% of marketers have agreed that lead generation is essential in their marketing campaigns.

Many reasons have been given for that, including attracting quality leads at a very low cost. They have also claimed that it has given them a competitive advantage in their industry with increased revenue.

But if this percentage claims that lead generation works for them, what happens to the remaining percentage? Other marketers have claimed that most of the challenges they have experienced in digital marketing stem from lead generation.

This article aims to tackle this challenge and equip e-commerce businesses with effective digital marketing strategies to help them properly generate more leads and boost sales.

Challenges of Lead Generation in eCommerce

Why do business owners prioritise lead generation in eCommerce despite the challenges? The reason why eCommerce is important to business owners because it fuels the sales funnel and ultimately drives conversions.

They also help to build customer relationships and retention with both existing and prospective customers. Lead generation also helps them to make informed decisions in their sales journey.

What then are the challenges faced by eCommerce businesses when it comes to lead generation?

Some of the challenges include cart abandonment, data security, customer retention, logistics, order fulfilment, website traffic fluctuations, converting visitors, cybersecurity, attracting traffic, etc.

5 Winning Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. SEO Optimisation for Targeted Traffic
  2. Content Marketing to Nurture Leads
  3. Leveraging Email Marketing for Lead Engagement
  4. Social Media Marketing for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation
  5. Retargeting and Remarketing Strategies

Website Optimisation for Targeted Traffic

When you optimise your website for search engines, you position your business online in such a way that potential customers can easily find your products or services.

Here are some tips for optimizing your website for better lead generation:

  • Carry out proper keyword research to know the words that your target audience uses while searching for businesses within your industry.
  • Utilise targeting strategies to focus on prospective customers who are more likely to purchase your goods and services. This saves you time and prevents you from making unnecessary spending.
  • Conduct on-page optimisation for product pages and category pages. 
  • Partner with high-authority websites that can cite your website thus building a trusted backlink for your site.

To achieve this, you might have to hire a quality SEO agency that will help your online store grow and deliver actionable results. They can combine keyword research, technical SEO and link-building to increase your sales and return on investment.

Content Marketing to Nurture Leads

Most people spread a false narrative that all you need is to incorporate proper keywords into your content to rank your business site or page, which means you don’t need to create valuable content.

While this may work for some time, it will not last as the bounce rate will be rapidly high. When visitors come to your page and they don’t find what they are looking for, they will leave immediately.

As more visitors notice that you don’t have anything valuable to offer, they begin to avoid your site. The solution to this is to start early enough to deliver valuable content that educates your potential customers

This makes them view you as an authority in that field and are more likely to purchase from you because they now trust you.

You can start by writing blog posts that advise on how to recognise original products and where to buy them. It can be a buying guide or product comparison that educates your audience on the pros and cons of products and how to make the best buying decision.

Secondly, you can create video content that shows product features letting them know what to look out for when they are buying a particular set of products.

You can also offer free ebooks containing this information in exchange for their subscription with their email addresses.

Leveraging Email Marketing for Lead Engagement

When you have gotten those emails, you can then market your products or services directly to your customers. This increases your chances of getting leads and helps to drive sales faster than speaking to the general public.

The advantage of email marketing is that you get to be as personal as possible. For effective personalisation, you need to segment your email lists based on your customer’s interests and purchase behavior.

Then create an engaging email copy with a compelling heading that will make them open the email and read it till the end. In the middle of the email copy and at the end, there should be personalised offers, discount offers and promotion awareness.

Finally, to make the job easier for you, you can use email automation to nurture your leads. You can achieve this by building a sales funnel to segment your customers.

Social Media Marketing for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

Social media platforms are also powerful tools that help eCommerce to connect with potential customers and to generate leads. Most individuals now spend the majority of their time on social media so if you want to find them you have to take your business there.

The first step is to be active on social media so that your brand presence can be strong. You need to determine the platform that works well for your business and build your presence there.

On each social media platform, you can run ads for your business as long as you meet their requirements and make the necessary payments. These targeted social media ads help you to reach your ideal customer base

To make your pages active, you can organise contests with an attractive price for the winner. You can also do giveaways for your active followers and those who share your business posts.

Continuously, you can tailor your content to be interactive, thereby giving your followers a chance to make intelligent contributions to your posts.

What do you do about difficult website visitors who refuse to convert? 

The trick is to try another strategy by retargeting and remarketing. It reminds the website visitors of your page and captures their attention till they convert.

You can use website retargeting ads to remind visitors who were about to purchase products before they got distracted thus abandoning their carts or who visited your product page to see the products you sell.

For social media platforms, you can retarget your display ads to visitors on various other platforms.

To End With,

Digital marketing keeps evolving every day as more tools and strategies are invented to break through the market and get to the right customers.

One category of digital marketing that keeps evolving is the lead generation aspect. The strategies in this article aim to help those in eCommerce to succeed while getting sales leads for their businesses.

While knowledge is power, taking action is wisdom – this means that you need to start implementing these strategies immediately for optimal results. Where a strategy seems not to be favouring you, you can refine your strategy for optimal lead generation.