Boxing is a recreation in which people can participate; Basically, it is quite a preventive recreation where players have to hit and hit everything different except for a number of parts of the frame. It is not always a smooth recreation compared to different video games such as cricket, football or volleyball. It’s a totally risky sport because every now and then the punches hit your slightly sensitive body and you get into the state of consciousness.

You must wear full body protection such as protective gloves, knuckles and mouth guards while playing.

You must enter the boxing ring and defeat your opponent in time. This recreation takes place in simple shifts and each shift consists of 3 minutes, after each minute there is a minute of rest.

What Are the 5 Rules of Boxing?

There are a few guidelines that you should follow even if you play boxing otherwise; you may be exiting the game. So here are 5 known guidelines that must be followed if you are a player.

Hitting Rules of Boxing

The hit policy means that you can not hit this item. forbidden to attack and in case you do Your factor can be deducted. So these are the punching exercises that you have to follow while beating your opponent.

  • You can no longer strike inside the non-general part, such as under the belt, the back of the head or spit on an opponent
  • You can not use your legs, such as not hitting with your foot
  • You can not strike with your elbows, head or forearms
  • Players can not attack from below The opponent’s back, which in the neck and kidney
  • Players are prohibited during the opponent’s fall

Rule Number 2 of Boxing

This rule is also known as the rule of equal weight due to the fact that each player has the same weight on the way to fight different with the same force.

  • A participant’s weight can not be more excessive than the fighter’s
  • If the participant’s weight discrimination can be very excessive, he or she may have an hour to maintain the ideal weight
  • If he or she does not have the can not gain weight, is no longer weighed. authorized

Rounds of Boxing

  • In all competitions, a variety of rounds that cannot be modified will already be detailed เกม ใหม่ น่า เล่น
  • Each round is included 3 minutes
  • After each round, players must be moved live for 1 minute

Accidently Bad Hit

  • If a participant accidentally gets a low hit and feels bad, it may take 5 minutes for them to improve their situation and start the round again.
  • But if the consequences of evil turn out to be the goal of stopping the trial due to injury, then the players who commit the ordeal may be disqualified
  • The winner of this recreation is the deicide based mainly on the brawl in because of the judge’s order. or by KO
  • If the participant is knocked down and cannot stand for 10 seconds, he may be considered the loser
  • If the players indicate they do not want to continue the fight and he can prevent the fight by thinking of him as a loser
  • You should shake the fingers of the fighters before starting the fight
  • You must obey the referee and work at the order of the referee as if asking you to prevent the fight which you must prevent now


The phrase foul can be very critical in boxing and we usually hear it while watching boxing. When you break a rule in boxing, it is considered a mistake. The bug can end up warning players or even disqualifying them. A competitor who commits a foul and allows players to reset their uniforms may be disqualified from their uniforms.

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