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For a lot of women considering breast augmentation, they usually want to look as natural as possible. Breast implant under muscle, also known as submuscular placement is one way to achieve this goal. 

In this article, we will get into its details to identify how this technique helps you get the desired natural look.

What Is Submuscular Placement?

Submuscular placement involves positioning the breast implants beneath the chest muscle called pectoralis major muscles. It thus leads to partial covering of these implants with muscles thereby giving additional support and tissue coverage. 

On top of that, placing these implants under your muscle conceals edges that show on your skin which makes it look more real.

Advantages Of Submuscular Placement

1. Natural Contour: 

Placing implants under the muscle can help create a smoother and more natural contour specifically in women with minimal breast tissue. The extra layer provided by muscles hides implant edges that may show underneath one’s skin.

2. Lower Risk Of Rippling: 

Implant wrinkling or rippling can be visible at times especially in females who have thin skin or less breast tissue. In order to reduce such possibilities, placing them below your musculature will give these implants more support and coverage.

3. Reduced Risk Of Capsular Contracture: 

Capsule contracture is the forming of scar tissues around an implant; it is a common occurrence after breast augmentation procedures. 

Capsular contracture is less likely to happen if the implants are placed under the muscle due to adding an extra layer of tissue between the implant and the overlying skin. 

4. Easier Mammograms: 

Submuscular placement may make it easier to perform and interpret mammograms compared to implants placed over the muscle. The muscle can push an implant backward so that breast tissues are better seen during screening.

5. Long-Term Stability: 

There is less occurrence of sagging in implants placed beneath the muscle than those placed over it as time goes on. The extra support muscles provide helps to hold these implants in place thereby maintaining their shape for extended periods.

Important Considerations 

1. Recovery Time: 

Compared to implants placed over the muscle treatments, recovery from submuscular breast augmentation might take some more time. Sometimes muscles may feel stiff initially and uncomfortable hence they need enough time for healing and adaptation.

2. Potential For Muscle Animation: 

In some cases, movement of the chest muscles may cause the implants to shift slightly, resulting in a phenomenon known as muscle animation deformity. 

This is usually temporary but it may be important to consider that fact while dealing with athletic people or individuals who have unique aesthetic preferences.

3. Level Of Suitability: 

There are certain types of patients who are not the ideal candidates for submuscular placements such as those having particular physical issues or illnesses.

Therefore only through careful assessment by qualified plastic surgeons, one can determine which approach suits an individual best.

4. Surgical Technique: 

Proper surgical procedure must be followed when doing submuscular breast augmentation so that there is correct positioning and alignment of the implants. 

You should choose a plastic surgeon having experience and expertise with this procedure to ensure the best results.

Consultation And Making Final Decision

To achieve a natural-looking result, women considering breast enhancement surgery need to book an appointment with a certified plastic surgeon. 

During this meeting, your surgeon will evaluate your unique body structure, discuss what you want, and present the choices that include the shape, size and site of placement of implants.

You can discuss with your doctor and figure out if submuscular placement is the right option for you based on such factors as current breast tissue, lifestyle and desired outcome. Make sure to ask questions whenever necessary to get every detail for a clear decision-making process.


A careful choice of implant position as well as the surgical technique can help yield a natural appearance in breast augmentation NYC. Submuscular placement presents different advantages such as smoother contour, decreased chances of complications and long-term stability. 

It is important to know all about the process, recovery time and have realistic expectations. With appropriate direction from the relevant experts, one can get the look desired from a plastic surgical procedure thereby boosting their confidence.

At LUXURGERY, we believe that success in plastic surgery goes beyond just surgical techniques. We understand that every person has unique needs and that is why we customize our approach to suit your specific needs and objectives. 

From the first visit to the post-operation stages, our team is fully engaged in the treatment processes of patients. We are experienced, professional, empathetic as well as committed to providing patients with the best possible results and a renewed sense of assurance and completeness in life. 

So what are you waiting for? Make that appointment now and see the difference yourself!

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