Want to know how to add Topics to Reels on Instagram? You are in the right place.

Instagram just introduced a new way to organize Reels, adding a topic to help its algorithm recommend material to users. It’s critical to ensure that your Instagram Reels reach the proper audience. There are various ways to accomplish this, one of which is through Instagram’s Topics feature.

Topics not only help your Reels reach the correct audience, but they also increase conversions. So, what are Instagram Topics, where can you find them, and how can you know which ones are trending?

This article will tell you all you need to know about adding Topics to your Reels and which ones to utilize.

What Are Instagram Topics?

Instagram Topics are a feature that categorizes Reels based on specific interests, helping users discover content aligned with their preferences. 

Unlike hashtags, which users can search for and browse, topics are exclusively associated with Reels and cannot be actively searched or browsed within the app. 

Instead, Instagram determines which Reels to display based on the user’s interests and the topics attached to the content.

Topics serve as a refined method for reaching relevant audiences, enhancing the likelihood of users enjoying the content they encounter. In contrast, hashtags can sometimes lead to irrelevant content due to users attempting to boost visibility through keyword stuffing. 

Additionally, while users can add up to 30 hashtags to a post, the number of topics that can be added to a Reel is limited.

With topics, Instagram aims to enhance content discovery by curating Reels tailored to users’ interests, potentially boosting engagement like Instagram likes.

How can you add topics to your Instagram reels?

To boost your chances of virality on Instagram Reels, it’s crucial to establish your niche and maintain consistent posting. Adding Topics to your Reels aids in this effort by enabling the Instagram algorithm to grasp your content and present it to relevant viewers. Here’s how to incorporate Topics into your Reels:

  1. Start by creating a Reel using one of two methods:
    • Tap the plus “+” icon on the app’s top right corner and choose Reel.
    • To use the Instagram camera, swipe left and choose Reel from the bottom-of-the-screen options.
  2. Upload your video or record it directly. You can film your video in multiple clips or one continuous shot.
  3. When preparing to publish your Reel, navigate to the bottom and choose ‘Add Topic.’
  4. You can include up to 3 Topic tags in your Reels. Utilizing tags from various categories is advisable to broaden your audience reach.

How come your reels need Topics?

Incorporating Topics into your Reels provides Instagram with insight into your niche, informing both the algorithm and your audience about the content you specialize in delivering.

Many social media managers rely on content pillars to maintain consistency, organization, and brand alignment in their social media strategies. These pillars typically encompass 3 to 5 topics a brand consistently engages with, amplifies, and creates content around.

Instagram creators often advocate for content pillars, citing them as crucial to achieving success with Reels on the platform. By utilizing Instagram Topics, you can highlight the specific content pillars you focus on within your Reels, ensuring targeted outreach to the appropriate audience.

Now, shifting gears—what sets hashtags apart from Topics on Instagram, and how do they differ in functionality and impact on content visibility?

What about the hashtags? Didn’t they do it?

The ongoing argument about the usefulness of hashtags in social media has been exacerbated by the launch of Instagram’s latest feature, Topics. According to Instagram’s Adam Mosseri, hashtags—which were originally intended to identify the content—fell out of favor because of their link to keyword stuffing and decreased effectiveness in expanding reach.

On the other hand, Instagram Topics emerged as a superior alternative, providing a polished recommendation engine suited to specific audiences. Instagram’s decision to categorize Reels demonstrates its dedication to enhancing content discovery and audience interaction.

Using Topics, artists can convey to the algorithm the niche of their material, ensuring it reaches the most relevant audience. This change marks a substantial break from the indiscriminate nature of hashtags, frequently resulting in irrelevant content being displayed to users. 

Instead, Topics takes a more personalized approach, improving the overall user experience by selecting Reels based on individual interests and preferences.

While hashtags may have lost some luster, Topics emerge as an effective strategy for increasing content visibility and growth on the network. 

With Instagram’s narrower focus on categorizing Reels, producers now have a more effective way of connecting with their target audience and expanding their influence within their niche. 

Implementing new tools such as Topics demonstrates Instagram’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of content discovery and audience engagement as social media evolves.

Instagram Reels Topics: Are They Worth It?

Instagram Reels Topics’ worthiness depends on your goals and strategies as a content creator or brand. These topics can be valuable for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Content Discovery: By categorizing your Reels with relevant topics, you increase the likelihood of your content being discovered by users interested in those specific themes. Increased engagement and follower growth may result from this.
  • Reach a More Specific Audience: Themes let you connect with a more specific audience that is more likely to find your content interesting, which enhances the quality of interactions and may even result in higher conversion rates.
  • Algorithmic Advantage: Instagram’s algorithm may prioritize Reels with topics when recommending content to users, giving your posts an edge regarding visibility and exposure.
  • Brand Consistency: Incorporating topics aligned with your brand’s content pillars ensures consistency in your messaging and helps build a cohesive brand identity on Instagram.
  • Potential for Virality: With the right combination of compelling content and strategic use of topics, your Reels can go viral within specific niche communities, further expanding your reach and influence.

The Bottom Line

While Instagram Reels Topics can be helpful, they’re just part of a broader content strategy. Success on Instagram involves more than just using Topics. You also need great content, audience engagement, and platform trends awareness. Whether Reel Topics are worth it depends on how they fit into your overall strategy and how effectively you use them.