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For hundreds of years, sales professionals have relied on in-person meetings to make connections and provide the best possible solutions for their industries. With the advent of new technology, however, making sales over virtual meetings is increasingly common. One of the most important aspects of an effective sales pitch is confidence. Being prepared with an office background for Teams is a good first step, but a great background can only go so far. Here are a few of the most effective ways to boost your confidence during virtual sales calls. 

Looking the Part

Clothing is an important consideration on virtual sales calls. A virtual meeting platform only shows the upper portion of your body, so there is a greater risk of clothing coming across as more casual than it is in reality. A professional blouse, for example, may run the risk of looking like thin casual clothing or even pajamas in certain lighting conditions.

Opt for a slightly more formal option for most sales calls, such as a blazer and blouse rather than the blouse alone. Do your hair in a professional style that stays far away from the face for a polished look.

Try contrasting your shirt, tie or jacket color with the color of your office background to make your image stand out and grab visual attention. Remember to feel and embody the confidence that comes from being well-dressed on a sales call.

Framing Yourself Well

The best way to connect with clients over a Zoom call is to properly frame and light your face. Adequate lighting allows participants to see the full range of your expressions and connect with you over the video call. Proper framing gives a professional look and minimizes distractions.

For lighting, try to situate your Zoom call close to a large window for ample natural light if possible. A bright ring light is a suitable replacement if natural light is not available. Be sure that your face takes up the majority of the frame, leaving no more than 15% of the frame open above your head. Place the webcam at your eye level so that you are able to simulate eye contact when selling.

Having a Plan for Everything

Preparedness is another key way to feel confident on a virtual sales call. One advantage of virtual sales calls over in-person ones is that you can easily place notes right to the side of your webcam and reference them, similar to a television presenter with a teleprompter.

Make sure to anticipate any questions or objections your audience may have regarding your pitch. Consult with any managers or executives who may have to field these questions before the meeting and have their responses ready. This way, you can respond quickly and confidently to close the sale.

Including Interactive Elements

Interactive elements, such as presentations, video clips and diagrams, can make your virtual sales call more engaging. You can also create a custom Zoom background with logo to keep your company’s iconography in your clients’ minds during the call.

With the right look and thorough background work, virtual sales calls can feel even smoother than in-person ones. Start with your virtual background and check every box when preparing for an important call.

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