We live in a very busy world, especially with the technological advancements of the twenty-first century. We have a lot of responsibilities, and we also need to spend time with family members and keep up with our social life. Then there are the requirements in our lives, such as housework, extra work, and professions that take up a lot of our time.

This is why Quran memorization online training institutes have become increasingly popular, allowing people to learn the Quran from the convenience of their own homes. These schools can be very beneficial to those who live in non-Muslim countries. There are no Islamic institutions in most of the nations where people may learn more about this great faith. 

As a result, online Quran schools have proven to be a huge help to these institutions. These institutions offer a range of online courses, including one for online quran memorization. This course makes it easier for students to memorize and comprehend the true meaning of the Quran. Enrolling in this course will boost your capacity to remember the Holy Quran greatly.

Below are some tips to memorize quran online

Steps to Memorize Quran At Home

Make Dua 

Du’aa is one of the most important factors that will help you memorize. so  make sure to make a dua before memorising the quran. In this way Allah will help you in every Step.

Have a Strong Believe on Yourself

Don’t tell yourself that your memory is weak and that you won’t be able to memorize things. To keep your memory strong, you’ll have to memorize everything. Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself or your abilities! To combat the negative, use positive. Even if you just memorize one verse at the end of the day, don’t give up; your efforts will be rewarded.

Listen to Quran Recitation

If you’re serious about changing your life, get started right away and don’t wait. Begin with little steps. Begin by focusing your attention on yourself. Recite the verses over and again until they’re natural and easy to you. 

Actually listen to them when travelling, cooking, housekeeping, and so on. If you only perform one qaari at a time, that’s perfect (reciter). Listening is also helpful in maintaining proper tajweed. 

Enroll In Quran Memorization Online Crouse

Through the Quran memorization online course you can easily hifz Quran at home. You can choose suitable timing for you. Online hifz courses are flexible and affordable for everyone.

There are multiple benefits of online quran memorization classes.

Choose Specific Teacher

In hifz quran online course you are free to select the teacher of your own choice. If you are not satisfied or comfortable with your quran memorization teacher you can request for a new quran memorize tutor.

Choose suitable Timing 

If you are a student or working person and you face difficulty joining online quran memorization. You can simply set the timing according to your ease. Online Quran memorization teachers are  24/7 available.


One of the best benefits of online memorization classes is that they are affordable for everyone.You have the option of selecting your own package. 

Repeat in Prayers What You Have Learn

It is obligatory upon you to do all in your ability to do the sunan and nawafil  prayers with what you’ve remembered on that day. What a delight it would be if you could also recite the compulsory prayers with it, allowing your hifdh to gain ground. Remember the Quran with ease.

Nothing Should be More Important Than The Qur’an

If you want to study something, start by looking over the Qur’an verses you’ve memorized, then go on to the other studies so you don’t put the sciences of the Deen (Islam) ahead of the most noble of disciplines, the sciences of the Qur’an.

Have a Partner with You to help you In Quran Memorization

It is up to you to choose a trustworthy partner to help you memorize the Qur’an. To form an honest hifdh struggle with him until your goals are met. You have the impression that someone is competing with you and following you in your nice act.

For Better Understanding Read Translation

For better understanding, remember to memorize the translation as well. Understanding is half of memorizing. When your mind is freshest and ready to absorb the most knowledge, use the pre-Fajr or post-Fajr hours.


If you follow the preceding suggestions, you will be able to memorize little portions of the Quran and finally full memorization over time. 

Regardless, consistency, devotion, and hard study are the keys to memorizing the Quran. Furthermore, the benefits of doing so are immeasurable; not only will your imaan and taqwa improve, but your consciousness and courage will as well.