Taking a trip can give you a new outlook, even if it’s just a short weekend jaunt to a nearby location. One thing that makes travel easier is to have stylish and functional luggage that holds your belongings securely. Choosing the right bag involves many elements, from the length of the trip, what you plan on doing and how you’re traveling. Here are some tips for selecting a luggage set that will take you places.

Take It Flying For The Week!

Getting on a jet to explore the world requires luggage that moves well through the airport and to the hotel. Rolling luggage is especially helpful when you’re jet-setting for your vacation. You can even find carry-on bags with wheels for convenience. Wheeled luggage is a little more bulky than standard pieces without wheels, but the wheels certainly make it easier to manage heavier pieces when you’re on solid surfaces. Don’t forget to check with the airline to make sure your carry-on pieces fit the allowed specs.

Perfect For A Road Trip

When you’re driving to get to your destination, there may be other considerations for your luggage. You want to think about the terrain where you’ll be staying. If you’re camping or glamping, you may not be able to use wheeled luggage, so you’ll want to make sure to pack light by choosing lightweight luggage and managing what you pack. If space is an issue, you’ll want soft-sided bags, but if you’re packing things that won’t handle being mishandled, choose hard-sided luggage with added protection for electronics. A backpack is a great option if you may need to carry your luggage very far. It’s much easier to handle a load on your back than on your shoulders.

Features For Traveling

Your luggage shouldn’t add to your traveling burdens. Look for different features that help you get to your destination with fewer headaches:

  • Pockets – organization pockets make it easier to store items while you’re traveling. Put frequently used items in outside pockets, and separate smaller items in inside pockets where they’re easier to find.
  • Checkpoint friendly bags – if you’re going through the airport, you may want a bag that unfolds and lays flat for TSA security screening.
  • Backpack straps – some duffel bags now come with backpack straps that let you convert your duffel to handle your luggage on the trails or up and down stairs.
  • Two or four wheels – four wheeled bags are easier to handle and move than bags with only two wheels. You can move four-wheeled bags in any direction. Just be cautious that the bag doesn’t roll off if you park it on a small incline. Two-wheeled bags are better if you’re going to be handling curbs or rougher paths, but they only move forward or backwards. The wheels are more protected, so they won’t get damaged as easily as a four-wheeled bag.

Invest in a great luggage set so you always have what you need to travel. Your luggage should be functional and stylish for a relaxing vacation or a stress-free business trip.