Chrome Hearts started in a Los Angeles garage alongside Leonard Kamhout and John Bowman, both of whom were jewelers and premium leather dealers. Founding designer Richard Stark was the third member of the group, who all created motorcycle gear for friends and members of the local scene. A chance encounter with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones’ then-girlfriend led to the brand’s popularization when she introduced them to him. Stark gained instant notoriety with his designs due to their classic Americana look which was given an edge by incorporating metal studs, zippers, safety pins, chains, and hoses into everyday staples like denim jeans and hooded sweatshirts. On the label’s twentieth anniversary Stark commented that “back it was all bikers”.

Why is chrome hearts so popular?

Chrome Hearts’ popularity comes from Stark’s design philosophy, which is to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. His pieces are famous for their quintessential rock ‘n roll edge thanks to studs, chains, metal zippers, and other hardware that give his clothes a tough-guy feel. Stark’s designs combine this grit with a classic Americana sensibility, which has earned him fans like Kate Moss. Chrome Hearts items are carried in upscale stores around the world including Harvey Nichols and Harrods. The line is also available through its website and two retail stores: one in Beverly Hills and the other in Hawaii. Chrome Hearts’ logo is an image of a chrome-clad heart outlined against a black background, emblazoned on ready-to-wear and accessories like jackets, billfold goods, sneakers, and watches as well as homes such as lampshades and pillows.

What does Chrome Hearts stand for?

The company’s name comes from Stark’s driving force to take what is unordinary and make it extraordinary. Stark’s upscale designs combine classic Americana with a tough-guy edge, earning him such fans as Kate Moss. Chrome Hearts’ logo is the image of a chrome heart outlined in black against a white background. It can be found on ready-to-wear items like jackets, billfold goods, sneakers, watches, home accessories, and pillows.

Why are Chrome Hearts tees so famous?

Chrome Hearts’ popularity comes from its tough-guy edge and classic Americana look, which has earned the brand fans like Kate Moss. Chrome Hearts’ logo is an image of a chrome heart outlined in black against a white background that can be seen on ready-to-wear items like jackets and accessories as well as home goods such as pillows and lampshades. Stark’s signature pieces are his hoodies, which come in a variety of washes and prints. T-shirts also have a cult following thanks to their distinctive design: Stark uses acid washing and distressing techniques to create the coveted lived-in look. Get a new collection of chrome heart tees from Chrome Hearts Store.

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