The first international trip can trigger a gamut of emotions that range from excitement to nervousness, no matter how much you have traveled within your home country. Now that you have taken the commendable step toward traveling internationally at a young age, here we have come up with some useful international travel tips for young travelers like you to help you travel like a pro. Read on!

Research extensively and plan your itinerary:

First International Trip

A little amount of preparation is nonetheless needed as you would be getting out of your comfort zone. And this starts with extensive research about your destination. Gather as much information as you can about the weather conditions, transportation, accommodation, currency exchange, culture, the local language, etc., of your destination. Take the help of a guidebook to plan your itinerary, but don’t just stick to it. A well-planned itinerary gives you confidence, but don’t over plan as this can ruin everything. You can check out Vacations Made Easy for easier planning for your one time big time vacation.

Book Your Flights in Advance:

Whether domestic travel or international travel, always book your flight tickets much in advance. Surveys show that flight tickets are way cheaper when booked 2-3 months ahead of travel dates. So, get to flight booking once you have decided on the destination. Early morning flights and weekday bookings can help you save a good amount on airfare. And don’t forget to check out the airfare to airports nearest to your destination. For example, if you are flying from Seattle to Pune, do check out the airfare to Mumbai airport as you might land a better deal on flights from Seattle to Mumbai than to Pune. 

Pack Light:

Packing for an international trip can be stressful. There’s so much to consider when traveling internationally and you might feel compelled to pack other items besides essentials to be on the safe side, eventually ending up overpacked. One of the most important tips for young travelers is to avoid cramming your luggage with a lot of things. Pack right and pack light. This you can do by preparing a travel checklist and organizing your things neatly in packing cubes. Take only absolute essentials with you and do away with all those things that are easily available abroad, especially if you are staying in a rental home.

Get a Travel Insurance:

More than a mere tip for young travelers, travel insurance is a necessity for every traveler. Though nobody likes to imagine themselves in trouble. It is always important to be prepared for unforeseen situations like missed departures, medical emergencies, lost luggage, canceled flights, etc. This is where the importance of travel insurance kicks in. Ensuring that you are protected in case something goes wrong gives you peace of mind so you can travel with fewer worries.

Buy local SIM cards:

You might be wondering why we have included this one in our tips for young travelers when free Wi-Fi is available pretty much everywhere in today’s world. Nevertheless, a local SIM is the best option for a non-stop internet connection. Not only is this helpful for looking up directions while exploring your destination, making reservations, booking cabs, and ordering food online. But also you can regularly update your social connections about your adventures overseas with your posts. And in some way, inspire them to go on their first international trip.