The twin flame journey is a strong spiritual connection, probably the strongest you can experience in this lifetime. This energetic connection manifests itself in many different ways and when two twin flames meet in 3D, they embark on a spiritual journey, but one that is often accompanied by very specific twin flame body sensations.

This connection is so powerful that it affects the body, mind and soul of every mirror soul. The most surprising thing is that each twin flame experiences sensations that they have never had before.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common sensations, but there is something I want you to keep in mind …

Twin Flame Heart Palpitations

One of the most common physical sensations I hear is palpitations, chest pain, or pain in the heart chakra. This can happen at first sight, first physical contact, or (for some) a constant sensation every time they see each other. As with most symptoms here, this is something that separates a “normal” 3D connection from physical attraction to a twin flame. The two are simply not comparable.

When we are with our twin flame or we are about to meet him, our heart races. This is because this powerful connection affects all seven chakras of the body, especially the fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra. This energy point is directly related to effective and loving things. Seeing the physical manifestation of your mirror soul can be in many different ways. It doesn’t always turn out right, in some cases it won’t equal an attraction at first, but if something is safe, you won’t miss it.


It is very common for two twin flames to get dizzy when they are close to each other. This happens because each one of them releases a powerful energy which in turn generates an extreme vibratory charge that the individual cannot handle and becomes dizzy. It should be noted that the connection between two twin flames is released beyond the usual energy, so the individual cannot handle it.

In addition, vertigo heralds the future transformations that each of the soulmates will undergo. Each of them will experience a positive revolution that affected all areas of reality on Earth. The best thing you can do about these changes is to keep a positive mindset because the future will be great.

Spontaneous Climax

Perhaps one of the less common sensations, but this happens often enough to be on the list. Perhaps one of the twin flame body sensations that you will enjoy the most and that often seems to be related to twin flame dreams during separation.

Suddenly you are sitting alone in your apartment on the sofa and suddenly you start to feel an intense climax somewhere in your body. Sometimes it is a sexual climax, but it is not always like that. You can feel intense pleasure throughout your body. This is because the chakras are affected by the energy that comes from a twin flame unit. This physical sensation is relaxing and healing because it immediately makes you feel better. Your vibrant feelings increase and your outer world reflects that well-being that you feel inside.

This could be because your twins are reaching a physical climax or are sometimes just thinking about you.

Variations in Body Temperature

When two twin flames are together, variations in body temperature occur. Basically when they are close they feel warm and when they are away they feel cold. This happens because the vibratory energy they project is too powerful and therefore affects the internal temperature. After a while, the body gets used to these variations and experiences them naturally with no ill effects.

When two soul mates live together, this phenomenon disappears and both return to the same body temperature as usual. The intensity in the 414 angel number twin flame union affects the physical body because the connection encompasses the entire individual.

Multiplied Pain

Two twin flames experience a lot of physical pain when they are together or apart. This is the most inconvenient symptom that two twin flames can manifest. The worst part is that they feel not only their own pain, but their twin flame pain as well. This can manifest itself in many different ways and we’ve talked about some specific examples before, like feeling your 404 angel number twin flame cry.

This is due to the intense telepathic connection between the two. There is a spiritual empathy that is so intense that it is reflected on the physical plane. It should also be noted that the twin flames are in full spiritual evolution, which will be reflected in all areas of their lives.