Are you about to attend a baby shower or know a couple who is expecting? Today we have you covered with some unique baby shower gifts ideas like a cute stuffed panda, diaper backpack, photo frames for parents to capture the beautiful moments, etc.

Whenever your relative or friend shares the exciting news about becoming new parents, there are many happy tears and loads of excitement that goes around.

And then a big task remains to look for a baby shower gift, something that is not just awesome, but equally thoughtful, unique and useful for your friend and baby.

It’s time to scroll for our top selection of baby shower gift ideas for expectant parents.

Play Mat

Designed especially for the child’s development, the play mat helps to keep the baby engaged, entertained and learning in the initial years of the baby’s life. The versatile baby mat can be used not just by newborns but also by toddlers and be used as an activity gym that will keep the babies engaged for hours of play and tummy time.

They are feasibly sized and portable and so, you can place them anywhere in the home, be it the living room, bedroom, rug, without being an eyesore.

Amazon Gift Card

Get the new parents an Amazon gift card so that they can buy all the little baby essentials that they need. Trust us, any new going to be parents or have-become new parents will be immensely thankful for this lifesaver when she’s searching for the latest sleep solutions at 3 a.m.

Super Soft Baby Blanket

Muslin or ultra-soft velvet blankets are possibly the most versatile baby essentials that have ever been made. Certainly, they make one of the best baby shower gift ideas around.

They are simply fab because they are cozy, super-soft, lightweight and can easily be used to tuck the baby in at night. Not only that, you cause these blankets as baby’s car seat covers, nursing wraps, stroller shades, burp cloths and a lot more. Get these blankets in some funky and colorful prints that are eye-capturing and age-appropriate.

Plush Toy

Want to win the hearts of the baby shower crowd? Get the baby an adorable and cute stuffed panda that is way more than just being a cute toy—it’s a new mom’s lifesaver. With an ultra-soft body life-like features, it will calm the baby down. Place it near and around your baby and it will send the baby off to dreamland. Also, how about giving your baby the gift of sleep? You can even get a 39 inch teddy bear that will become its friend for a lifetime from childhood to adulthood. Even when the baby grows up, they can play with it anytime they wish to.

Comfortable Socks-Shoes

Every baby will gradually need to pull off their socks. You can get some gender-neutral baby shower gifts in the form of a pair of stay-put booties. The parents and the infant equally will love the shoes no matter what.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Believe it or not, one particular person who should never be left out at a baby shower is the guest of honor—the mom-to-be!

Surprise her with a luxe and comfortable robe that will be one of the best and favorite baby shower gifts for mom. Also, look for cozy breastfeeding-friendly pyjamas and a mug that will keep her coffee piping hot.

This will help the mom to stay comfortable throughout her pregnancy and even after that.

Get a luxe nude color robe that will also become her favorite In no time. Besides, she will love to wear it on chillier mornings and keep her hands inside the oversized pockets that can further be used to stash a burp cloth, pacifier, and even the much-needed portable breast pump.

Insulated Mug

Help the new mom to stay warm by keeping her favorite coffee from becoming cold, by gifting her a stylish insulated mug.

Not only the insulated mug looks cute but is equally super-practical. Also, you need to acknowledge that the mom-to-be is going to need extra caffeine soon enough to stay awake now and then. So not just that this creative baby shower gift will save her many trips to the microwave, it can even be used when on the go.

Unique-Shaped Comforting Pillow

Whether the mom-to-be is planning on breastfeeding or not, a nice unique- shaped feeding pillow can save her neck and back both with its multiple uses. The foam core of the comforting pillow will support the mom and baby for nursing or bottle-feeding, cuddling or even napping.

Key Takeaway

Hope these baby shower gift ideas were fun to read, b of some use for you, and you’ll implement them in the upcoming time.