A dead car battery is frustrating, especially if it leaves you stranded. But what causes battery drainage in the first place?

The number of problems that might cause a car battery to fail is countless. Still, practically every reason behind battery drainage can be categorized into three types: battery problems, electrical systems, or simply user error. While you can deal with some of these issues, others will require you to purchase a new, maybe a quality ACDelco battery, to avoid any further hassle.

A battery that suddenly dies and keeps dying after multiple charges and jump-starts might need replacing. If not, there could be a variety of other issues. Let’s look at some of the major ones:

Reasons Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

Leaving Your Headlights On

One of the most common and possibly the main reasons for an overnight battery drain is keeping your car’s lights on. We can all relate to forgetting to switch off the lights. Don’t leave the exterior and interior lights on for not more than 5-6 hours. Any power consumption beyond that can leave the car battery undercharged and weak.

Driving For Short Distances Too Often

Ignition is when your battery is at its highest power. If you only drive your vehicle for short distances, the battery may not have enough time to recharge fully. If this happens, the battery may lose enough power to prevent the engine from starting again. It’s recommended to take at least one long drive every week or two to help recharge the batteries fully.

Parasitic Drain

A parasitic drain is simply the car battery drain even after turning off the engine. A small parasitic drain is typical and expected since your clock and audio system need some power to avoid resetting them. But, excessive power drain could mean that you have a faulty wire in your car which drains your battery, leaving it unable to start.

Loose Battery Cables

The battery cables are the medium through which electricity is transmitted from the battery to the vehicle. If the wires are unclean or rusty, it makes no difference how new the battery is. It’s essential to make sure they are all set as the wires won’t carry electricity to the starter, and your car won’t start.

Harsh Weather

Extremes of both cold and hot weather might cause issues with your car’s battery. New batteries are more resistant to excessive temperatures. However, even a fresh battery may struggle to deal with temperature changes. It could take longer to charge up, leading to it dying.

To avoid a faster drain of your car battery we recommend, avoiding acute temperature exposure as much as possible. Parking in the shade in summers and driving for long distances in the winter may help mitigate the effects of the weather.

To Conclude

While it’s true that every single battery will die eventually, the key to extending the life of a lead-acid battery like the one in your car is to keep it well maintained and in good working order.

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