According to some medical research, almost 50-60% of diseases are caused by excessive weight. Also, this factor will give the bad look to a person’s body.

Weight loss has become the desire of every person around the globe. Everyone wants to look smart, beautiful, and healthy instead of fatty.

The main problem is that people are unable to perform this task with perfection. Many people ask how to keep track of body requirements and performance to maintain weight.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of weight loss and muscle gain. 

We will also ensure that you will get enough knowledge to keep track of your body’s performance and its requirements.

Let’s start understanding this concept from the roots to get the basic points.

How to lose weight and gain muscles at the same time?

Many times, it has been seen that people lose their muscles when they want to lose weight. 

In turn, they leave all exercises to avoid excessive muscle loss and keep getting weight too. This is a wrong conception that you can’t grow muscles with weight loss.

You can complete both these tasks simultaneously without getting any harmful effects.

The only thing you have to do is keep track of your body performance. Use macronutrient calculator to calculate the number of Macros that your body needs by doing simple actions. You should keep an eye on how much macronutrients you should get every day. 

Also, you should be familiar with all the necessary exercises that you should do for better outcomes. 

Both these sections will enable you to experience a quick turnaround with more than expected results.

Now, we are going to show you the basics of tracking macros and estimate how much quantity you should get in. 

So, you should stick with us to discover new factors for the proper growth of your body.

Keep track of your body performance

To lose weight and grow muscles at the same time, you should know how your body behaves for both tasks. Weight loss is caused by an excess of fats that are not digestive by the human stomach.

Our body automatically turns the extra foods and energy into fats. Once we keep eating those fats regularly without any break, our body gains weight with time.

The excess of proteins and other ingredients will also enforce your body to increase weight.

The above discussion does not mean that you should leave the eatables that you love. 

But it means that you should keep checking your body’s performance and adjust your meal according to that.

In this section, we will show you how you can keep track of your body’s performance. Macros be situated the main ingredients that will help you in gaining or losing weight.

By keeping them in view, you will be able to make a proper diet plan.

The process to calculate macros can be carried out in both dimensions manually or by using a calculator. Both these methods have the same basic principle of working.

But you have to do extra effort while doing this without any calculator. We recommend you use a free macro calculator for getting the exact diet plan to achieve your goal.

You have to do nothing but select the already mentioned section to start the calculation. A calculator has separate sections that you have to fill one by one according to your requirements.

On the very first pages, you should enter your gender and mention your age. Also, you should enter your goal for which you are looking to get a diet plan.

In this section, you should select whether you are looking to gain weight, lose weight or maintain your body weight. This will help you with the calculator to estimate what you need and in what quantity you need.

You can also enter fats percentage on this page if you have calculated. If you don’t have one, you can leave this section empty. It will not affect the diet plan that you should follow to achieve your goal.

The most important factors that will help to execute what you should eat are your height and weight. Both these metrics are related to each other deeply and can assist you in this process.

You should add the exact height and weight to avoid any unexpected miscalculation. On the last page, you should add what activity level you are experiencing in those days.

It depends on how active you are throughout the day to do multiple tasks of your daily life. In the last, you should add a protein level that you can digest according to your body’s requirements.

This last factor will not affect your body’s growth much. So, you can select it according to your choice without any hesitation.

Once you have put all the data, you should click on the “Calculate” button. The tool will use your given information and extract a fine diet plan to adjust your health.

The plan will include how much protein, calories, carbohydrates, and other ingredients you should eat per day.

You can use this calculator as many times as you want to get exact estimation of your effort outcomes. 

Expected Challenges

The process of burning fat is not simple as it seems to be. As we all know, excess of everything is bad. Similarly, an instant decrease in anything will also harmful for the proper growth of the body.

While you are trying to burn fats for losing weight, you may have to reduce some ingredients from your diet. When you reduce them from your food, your body will take some time to adjust.

Meanwhile, you may feel weak and pain in some of your body parts. If it happens, you should keep patience and following the diet plan.

After few days, your body will become familiar with the diet and adjust all the requirements according to it.

Along with the above procedure, you may not feel any improvement in your muscle growth and weight loss if you are doing the same exercise every day.

But you will feel tired after few days and leave your workout.

In turn, your body will again start storing fats and increasing your body weight. To keep yourself motivated, you should keep variations in your workout.

You should not follow a simple exercise throughout the day but keep changing them. Always try to do those exercises that will help you to stretch your bones.

It will enable your body to get a proper shape and burn fats gradually.

These are the most faced problems and challenges due to which many people step back from their aim. In the last, they will end up being a fatty person who is in danger to be affected by various diseases.

Final Words

Our researchers have worked a lot to design this guide for the proper growth of every person. You should follow our guidelines and keep track of macros for the better growth of your body.