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How to make campfire in little alchemy 1? Little Alchemy is an online game that allows you to mix elements together to form new compounds, with one of the most popular combinations being making a campfire. Here, we will cover how you can do just that in Little Alchemy as well as which items are necessary.

Step 1: Generating Flame

The first step to building a campfire is creating fire. One of the five basic elements in Little Alchemy, fire can be generated by combining air and energy – water must first be mixed with air before energy can be created through its interaction with fire. After creating air and energy you can combine them together to produce fire!

Step 2: Generating Wood

The next step in Little Alchemy is creating wood. As another essential element, this material can be found by combining two basic elements – tree and tool. To create a tree you must combine earth with seed; while to make tools you must combine metal with human. Once created separately you can combine them both to form wood.

Step 3: Establishing a Campfire

Now that you have created fire and wood, combine them to form a campfire. Simply drag the fire element onto wood for instant campfire creation! When finished, this campfire can then be used in games.

Step 4: Utilizing the Campfire

Once you’ve established a campfire, Little Alchemy allows you to use it to produce other elements. For instance, you could combine it with meat for cooked meals, marshmallows for smores, soup for creating hot beverages and so much more!

How to Start a Campfire (With Tips)

Here are a few tips to help you build a campfire in Little Alchemy:

Discover which combination of elements works best to create fire and wood elements. There are various approaches you can take when it comes to creating these two elements, so combine several together until you find what suits you best.

Be patient. Constructing a campfire takes some practice, especially if you are new to it. Experimentation will eventually help you discover which elements make for the best combination and help create a campfire.

Stay on top of what elements you have made by keeping a record in a notebook or on paper of each element you add, such as their creation date or creation time. This will allow you to remember which ones have already been made as well as any that still need creating.

Do not be shy to use hints. If you are having difficulty creating an element, use hints as an aid by clicking on the lightbulb icon in the top right corner.


Little Alchemy makes building campfires an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, with this guide’s steps helping you to easily create one and use it to craft other elements in the game. Be patient as you experiment with various combinations; with practice you will become adept at crafting elements in Little Alchemy! Hope now you know How to make campfire in little alchemy 1.