Sri Lanka is a beautiful country that has captivated many people around the world. With its rich culture, amazing natural landscapes, and exotic attractions, Sri Lanka is a place where people can find their own personal paradise. However, everyone’s journey to find their true love doesn’t always go smoothly.

Here at Lankalove, we offer an opportunity for Sri Lankan lovers to connect with one another and share their culture through events, articles, and social media. Whether you’re looking for traditional relationships or exploring unique connections such as with escort trans individuals, we are here to help. We are also home to some of the best online dating advice, so create your profile today and start finding your perfect match!

What is Lankalove?

Lankalove is a Sri Lankan lover’s paradise. We offer an opportunity to find your true love and share your culture through articles, events, and social media. One of the best features about our community is that we offer one of the best online dating advice guides in the world, so create your profile today!


Sri Lanka’s rich culture

Sri Lanka culture is very rich. It’s culture is a blend of different cultures from different parts of the world. The main influences seen in their culture are Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and European.

The country’s diverse cultural heritage can be found in the various temples and mosques they have as well as through their cuisine, clothes, music and dance.

Another aspect that really defines Sri Lankan culture is their language- Sinhala and Tamil. Sinhala is the official language of the country while Tamil is spoken by a majority of Sri Lankans regardless of whether they live on or off the island.

Lankalove Events and Activities

Lankalove is a website for Sri Lankan lovers to connect and share culture. We offer events and activities where people from all over the world can find their perfect match.

In addition to our full calendar of events, we also have a thriving social media page. On this page, you will find articles written by our team of experts that cover topics on Sri Lankan culture, dating advice, and more. The best part is that the content on these pages is written in English!

Sri Lanka’s Online Dating Scene

With the growing popularity of online dating, Sri Lanka is also seeing a rise in this trend. Sri Lankan people are out there looking for love and life partners. We’ve created some easy tips for finding your Sri Lankan match online.

1) Be honest about your location

Providing where you are from and what you want in a mate will help potential suitors narrow down their search. If you’re not looking for something serious, consider changing your location to one that is closer to where your date lives

2) Be specific about what you’re looking for

Instead of just saying “I want someone who laughs and likes adventure”, provide more detail like “I would like to find someone who likes to travel, has a sense of humor, enjoys outdoor activities, and loves children”. This will give potential suitors an idea as to what they should be looking for in their matches as well

3) Keep up with current events and news

When it comes to dating, we have all heard the phrase “no news is good news”. Well, when it comes to international relationships it often doesn’t work out this way. In order to keep yourself informed on current events occurring in Sri Lanka, make it a point to check headlines on sites such as CNN or BBC News


Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful, exotic places in the world, but it’s also a tough country to travel in. With so many different cultures and languages, finding your love is just one of the many challenges Sri Lankans face.

Lankalove was created to make it easier for Sri Lankan singles to find love the right way. The website connects people with the right matches based on mutual interests, location, language and lifestyle. In addition, it provides an online dating platform that uses a rating system to match people with their perfect partner.

Lankalove makes it easy for Sri Lankan singles to find their perfect match and live happily ever after!