Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a fairly common astrological event that happens a few times a year, but it has an air of mystery and menace to it in many sources. The fact is that this common event is not about negative impacts but reversals, and navigating it is a simple matter of understanding how the rules change during the retrograde and how you can use resources like numerology psychic readings to chart a course through uncertain waters.

Astronomical Movement

The planets in our solar system each appear to be moving in the same direction as the sun and moon when they travel across our night sky, at least for part of their orbits. Retrograde happens when the Earth overtakes the other astronomical body in its orbit, and each planet slips into retrograde at one point or another in its orbit, without exception. Some, like Pluto retrogrades, can last for months. Mercury retrograde is brief by comparison at around three weeks each time it occurs.

Astrological Significance

When a planet slips into retrograde, it signifies a major change or reversal in the areas of life that the planet governs. Pluto retrogrades tend to align with major changes of fortune for good or ill, and Mercury retrogrades often affect personal relationships. During the period of the retrograde, the rules are temporarily suspended and your regular approach to issues in the affected realm of your life will usually have a boomerang effect.

That means you need to think outside the routine to compensate for the way a retrograde affects the balance of your life, and that is true for any retrograde. The key is to find advice that helps you see new opportunities in the chaos, like money psychic readings to help you chart a way forward after a financial upset.

How It Affects Our Lives

Mercury retrogrades can be exceptionally challenging because they affect communication at all levels, in all realms of life. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, and when his planet slips into retrograde, messages tend to get misunderstood if they are received at all. It’s not a good time to contemplate a major change if it occurs to you in the retrograde, nor is it a good time to change course if you are in the middle of making a long-planned change.

Where some planetary retrogrades like Saturn and Mars affect only one part of your life’s balance, Mercury challenges your very ability to make yourself understood. It’s a much more overt effect than other retrogrades for many people because it affects basic communication and not just communication about careers, finances, family, or relationships.

Protect Your Balance During Retrograde Season

One of the best ways to protect your peace of mind during a Mercury retrograde is to avoid making charged statements or trying to initiate major changes, but that does not always keep other people’s chaos at bay even if it minimizes your own. Often, the best psychics for lost items online also have insight into lost communications more generally. Start looking for the psychic insight you need to navigate the weeks ahead so you can protect your peace during the retrograde season.

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