Starbucks Partner Hub

Starbucks is one of the most iconic coffee brands in the world. With over 30,000 stores in over 80 countries, it’s hard to imagine a world without Starbucks. But who founded this beloved coffeehouse chain?

The Early Days

Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. The original store was small and only sold coffee beans and roasted coffee. The company’s three founders were Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker.

Baldwin was a history teacher, Siegl was a writer, and Bowker was a marketing teacher. The trio came together with a shared passion for coffee and a dream of starting their own business.

In the early days, Starbucks was a struggling company. The founders struggled to find investors and keep the business afloat. However, they never gave up on their dream.

The Turning Point

In 1987, Starbucks hired Howard Schultz as its marketing director. Schultz quickly became enamored with Italian coffee culture and saw the potential for Starbucks to become more than just a coffee roaster.

Under Schultz’s leadership, Starbucks began to expand its menu to include espresso drinks and other beverages. The company also began to open more stores and expand into new markets.

Schultz’s vision for Starbucks was to create a “third place” between home and work where people could relax, connect with friends, and enjoy a cup of coffee. This vision helped to make Starbucks a beloved brand and a popular destination for people all over the world.

The Starbucks Partner Hub

The Starbucks Partner Hub is an online resource for Starbucks employees. It provides employees with access to information about their benefits, pay, and other company policies. The Partner Hub also includes a forum where employees can connect with each other and share ideas.

The Partner Hub is a valuable resource for Starbucks employees. It helps them to stay informed about their benefits and company policies. It also helps them to connect with other employees and build relationships.

Starbucks Today

Starbucks is a global leader in the coffee industry. The company has a strong brand and a loyal customer base. Starbucks is also committed to social responsibility and sustainability.

The company is committed to sourcing its coffee ethically and sustainably. Starbucks also has a number of programs in place to support its employees and communities around the world.

Starbucks is a success story that began with three friends with a dream. The company has overcome many challenges and has become one of the most beloved brands in the world. Starbucks is a reminder that with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of passion, anything is possible.

In addition to the information above, here are some other interesting facts about Starbucks:

  • Starbucks is the largest roaster of coffee in the world.
  • Starbucks sells over 4 billion cups of coffee each year.
  • Starbucks has over 380,000 employees worldwide.

Starbucks is committed to sustainability and has a number of initiatives in place to reduce its environmental impact.

Starbucks is a founding member of the Conservation International’s C.A.F.E. (Coffee and Farmer Equity) Practice.


Starbucks’ journey from a small coffee shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to a global coffee giant is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and dedication. The founders’ belief in the potential of coffee to bring people together and their commitment to quality and sustainability have paved the way for Starbucks’ remarkable success.