Opening a demat account marks the first step towards participating in the growth story of India’s equity markets. Having an account ready provides the gateway to start investing and take advantage of opportunities. However, the real work begins after opening your Demat account online. Implementing the right investment strategies is key to generating optimal returns.

This article will discuss some prudent strategies to adopt after opening your Demat account using the best online platform for investing. Following structured approaches suited to your risk appetite and goals is vital to investment success. Avoid ad-hoc decisions, and have a plan ready when your account gets operational on the best platform for investing.

  • Understand Your Risk Profile Thoroughly

The first step after opening a demat account should be to assess your risk tolerance and capacity carefully. Investors differ greatly in their appetite and ability to handle risks. Conservative investors may limit exposure to equities, while aggressive investors take higher risks for higher returns.

Your investment strategies must align with your risk profile. This determines your asset allocation between equity, debt, gold, etc. It also influences investing horizons, portfolio concentration, and steps to manage risks. The best investing platform will offer tools to understand your risk profile.

Define parameters like income stability, debt obligations, dependents, ability to fund emergencies, and prior investing experience. Analyze your emotional response to market volatility. All these insights are crucial to determining your comfort with investment risks.

  • Build your core investment portfolio.

With your risk profile defined, focus next on building your core long-term portfolio. Assess your investment horizon and goals for this core portfolio. For goals like retirement, start early to benefit from compounding.

The core portfolio aims to generate long-term market-linked returns at a suitable risk level. This requires prudent asset allocation between equity and debt. Equity assets like stocks and mutual funds build wealth over years but carry market risks. Debt assets like FDs provide stability but limited returns. Strike the right balance based on your risk appetite.

Within equities, pick a 25–30 stock portfolio investing across sectors and market caps. Blend in 3–4 index funds and ETFs for diversification. In debt, include instruments like FDs, debt funds, and monthly income plans. Assign appropriate weights to equity and debt in line with your risk tolerance. Keep reviewing and realigning the portfolio regularly.

  • Make the most of technology for convenience.

Opening your Demat account online sets you on the path to using technology for a superior investing experience. Opt for platforms that provide digital account opening, paperless trading, AI-powered analytics, and insights.

Leverage platforms that offer online fund transfers, automated SIPs in direct mutual funds, and linked banking services. Use platforms with mobile apps and options for trading on the go. Opting for technologically advanced investing platforms after opening your demat not only makes transacting convenient but also aids intelligent decision-making.

  • Allocate funds for goal-based investing.

As your core portfolio grows, allocate funds for specific financial goals. Goal-based investing entails assigning investments to specific objectives like retirement, children’s education, house down payment, holiday funds, etc.

Segregating funds for discrete goals makes you invest more purposefully in them. It helps you define the right asset mix, investing horizon, and risk level tailored to each goal. Stay focused on building the corpus you need for important milestones.

You can take advantage of the STP facilities offered by the best investing platforms for easy goal-based investing. Systematic transfer plans allow you to configure automatic transfers from your core portfolio to allocate funds for specific goals.

  • Deploy tactical investing strategies.

While building long-term wealth through the core portfolio, you can boost overall gains through tactical investing. Based on market conditions, use strategies like profit booking, value averaging, momentum investing, thematic bets, IPOs, etc.

Enter oversold stocks in bear phases and book profits on rallies. Practice value averaging to benefit from volatility in quality stocks. Ride sectoral trends and economic recovery by identifying themes early. Apply for IPOs of quality companies with strong prospects. The low brokerage on leading platforms aids frequent tactical investing.

  • Adopt an investor mindset, not just trading.

Opening a demat account gives you the tools, but you also need the right investing mindset. Adopt a prudent approach focused on long-term wealth creation. Avoid trading in unpredictable, volatile penny stocks.

Have patience to ride out market corrections in fundamentally strong companies. Keep learning from experience and investment masters. Inculcate discipline to avoid irrational exuberance or panic. Following robust strategies with the right mindset is key to success after opening your Demat account online.

  • Monitor your portfolio actively.

Make it a habit to monitor your investing portfolio regularly once you start trading online. Review portfolio performance monthly or quarterly. Rebalance holdings that have overshot target allocations. Book profits if certain stocks or funds have surged too fast. Stay vigilant about concentration risk in the portfolio.

The best online investing platforms provide portfolio monitoring tools and analytics to track performance efficiently. Leverage technology to stay on top of portfolio movements actively. Timely action helps optimize returns and manage risks prudently.

  • Get investment guidance from experts.

While self-driven investing has its merits, it is beneficial to also get guidance from time to time. Seek advice from qualified investment advisors on planning, asset allocation, rebalancing, etc. Follow analysis from reputed market experts on economic trends, sector outlooks, and stock prospects.

Online investing platforms also offer advisory services along with do-it-yourself options. Investors can opt for guided portfolios curated by experts. Or simply get advice on demand on aspects like IPOs, mutual funds, taxes, etc. Combining your own efforts with expert guidance enhances the probability of success.


When you open a demat account online marks just the starting point of your investing journey. The real test lies in adopting structured investing strategies tailored to your profile. Assess your risk appetite, build a long-term portfolio, use technology smartly, assign goals, and also tactically trade when the opportunity arises. Stay focused on creating long-term wealth while avoiding needless risks. Finding and using the best investing platforms is key to implementing prudent strategies. With the right mindset and strategies, you will make the most of online investing after opening your Demat account.