Fading into the Horizon

There’s never been a better time to go solar, with more and more American households realizing it’s a no-brainer. The number of residential solar installations in the US rose by a staggering 34% in 2021! Early figures for 2022 show that it’s going to be another record-breaking year.

But just because installing a residential solar system is a great idea doesn’t mean there aren’t pitfalls you need to avoid, thus this Bravo Electro informative guide is handy when troubleshooting power supplies. Residential solar power errors can cost you big time and stop you from enjoying the full benefits of solar power.

Let’s take a quick look at 5 solar power errors you never want to make.

1. Incorrect Solar Panel Designs

Designing a solar panel system for your home isn’t rocket science, but you do need to know what you’re doing. One common mistake people make is not sizing their system correctly. Determining the correct size involves calculating your daily kWh usage and the capacity of your panels.

A reputable company will help you make a calculation that factors in your local climate and your specific needs.

Another rookie mistake is trying to cobble together your own Frankenstein system. While this may technically work if you know what you’re doing, the chances are it won’t and solar panel maintenance could be tricky. It’s much better to be upfront about your solar panel budget with a tried and trusted installer and get a warrantied system.

2. Failing to Invest in a Battery Backup

One of the benefits of installing solar panels is that you can stay cool when the grid power goes out. But that’s only the case if you have a backup in the form of a battery. Otherwise, you may find that when everyone else’s lights go out, so do yours.

3. Not Thinking About the Future

When you plan your solar system, it’s important to think about how the way you live might change over the next few years. There may just be the two of you now, but do you expect to hear the patter of tiny feet in the next few years? Or do you have a granny flat that your elderly parents will soon move into?

It’s better to budget a design for these needs at the start rather than trying to adapt the system in the future.

4. Not Researching the Solar Installer

There are lots of businesses out there trying to get you on board. Take your time and do your homework.

A few tips for finding a great company include:

  • Read online reviews
  • Get the best financing deal
  • Check they’re licensed and insured
  • Compare warranties

5. Missing Out on Incentives

One of the benefits of solar power right now is that there are state and federal incentives.

For example, in August 2022, Congress extended the solar tax credit. This allows you to claim a tax credit of 30% of the installation cost until 2032. Many states also have incentives that can make solar panels more affordable, so make sure you maximize them!

Enjoy Sustainable Energy by Avoiding Residential Solar Power Errors

Avoid these residential solar power errors and you’ll be on track to make some major savings down the line. Not only will you enjoy a steady supply of free, sustainable energy, but you’ll also add value to your home. The

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