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The Fillmore Detroit, located in the heart of downtown Detroit. It is one of the most iconic music venues in the city. It was Originally opened in 1925 as a movie palace. The Fillmore Detroit has undergone several transformations throughout its long history. It has always been a hub for entertainment and cultural events.

History of Fillmore Detroit

In the 1960s, the Fillmore Detroit became a rock and roll venue, hosting legendary acts such as the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who. And In the 1970s, the venue changed ownership and became a popular disco club. Before eventually closing its doors in the 1980s.

In 2007, the venue was reopened after an extensive renovation, bringing it back to its former glory as a premier music venue. This is known for hosting a wide variety of musical acts, from up-and-coming indie bands to established legends like Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin.

But the Fillmore’s Detroit is more than just a music venue. It’s also a piece of Detroit history. The ornate Art Deco architecture, complete with a grand marquee and intricate detailing throughout the interior, provides a glimpse into the city’s past. The venue has even been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Events of Fillmore Detroit

In addition to concerts, the Fillmore Detroit also hosts a variety of other events, including comedy shows, film screenings, and private events. The venue’s spacious interior, with a capacity of over 2,000 people, makes it a popular choice for corporate events and fundraisers.

Whether you’re a music lover or simply appreciate the history and architecture of Detroit, the Fillmore Detroit is a must-visit destination. Check out their calendar of upcoming events and experience the magic of this iconic venue for yourself.

Fillmore detroit wedding

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s both unique and memorable, the Fillmore Detroit may be just what you’re looking for. This historic music venue, located in the heart of downtown Detroit, offers a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your special day.

The Fillmore Detroit’s ornate Art Deco architecture, with its grand staircase, chandeliers, and intricate details throughout, provides a stunning setting for your ceremony and reception. The venue’s spacious interior, with a capacity of over 2,000 people, can accommodate weddings of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large celebrations.

But what really sets the Fillmore Detroit apart as a wedding venue is its versatility. The venue’s experienced event staff can help you create a custom wedding package that meets your unique needs and preferences, whether you’re looking for a formal sit-down dinner or a more casual cocktail-style reception.

The Fillmore Detroit also offers a variety of other amenities that make it an ideal wedding venue. The venue has a fully equipped catering kitchen, allowing you to work with your chosen caterer to create a menu that’s tailored to your tastes. And the venue’s state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems can help create the perfect atmosphere for your reception, whether you’re looking for a lively dance party or a more relaxed ambiance.

Of course, no wedding at the Fillmore Detroit would be complete without a nod to the venue’s musical heritage. Whether it’s incorporating your favorite songs into your ceremony or hiring a live band to entertain your guests during the reception, the Fillmore Detroit offers endless possibilities for music lovers.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s both elegant and unique, the Fillmore Detroit is definitely worth considering. With its stunning architecture, versatile event spaces, and experienced event staff, the Fillmore Detroit can help you create a wedding that’s truly unforgettable.

Fillmore detroit coat check

If you’re attending a concert or event at the Fillmore Detroit during the colder months, you may be wondering about the venue’s coat check policy. Here’s what you need to know about checking your coat at the Fillmore Detroit.

First of all, it’s important to note that the coat check service is optional. If you prefer to keep your coat with you during the event, you’re welcome to do so. However, if you’re concerned about having to carry your coat around during the show, or if you simply don’t want to risk losing it, the coat check service is a convenient option.

The cost for coat check at the Fillmore Detroit is typically $3-$5 per item, depending on the event. The coat check area is located near the main entrance of the venue, and is typically staffed by friendly and efficient attendants.

When checking your coat, you’ll receive a numbered ticket that corresponds to your coat. It’s important to hold onto this ticket, as you’ll need it to retrieve your coat at the end of the event. When you’re ready to leave, simply present your ticket to the coat check attendant, who will retrieve your coat for you.

It’s worth noting that the Fillmore Detroit’s coat check area can get quite busy, especially during sold-out events. If you’re in a hurry to leave at the end of the show, you may want to consider retrieving your coat a few minutes early to avoid the rush.

The Fillmore Detroit’s coat check service is a convenient and reliable option for keeping your coat safe and secure. Just be sure to hold onto your ticket, and enjoy the show!