With online games and platforms flooding the internet, the need to choose a trusted platform is rising. This need is arising not only due to its increasing popularity but also with the internet becoming an unsafe place in the near times. The internet is filled with fraudsters who are trying to steal important details and money from people, in the name of games and other businesses. Hence, the need to be aware is rising. The same happens with the players using it. Many people feel the urge to cheat and win using unfair methods. 

At Winzo, they have strict measures to prevent this. In this article, let’s take a quick look at the various measures put forward by Winzo to ensure fair play and an anti-cheating space.

Fairplay rules

The platform has perfectly set rules and demands to ensure fair play. They demand all users play with utmost honesty, dignity, and integrity. Users must play games by strictly following the set of rules they’ve provided on their website which mentions anti-cheating, no use of tools or strategies against fair gameplay, etc. It not only ensures its credibility but also ensures that of its other users. All players are requested to go through the rules of each game individually before they begin playing.

Unfair play includes using bots or AI, hacking, cheating, collusion, using fake documents, providing false locations, and irresponsible gameplay.

Some steps taken by Winzo to ensure fairness include:

  • Random Number Generator Certificate: Winzo is an RNG-certified platform. It is an approval from a licensed testing organization which confirms that the platform adheres to the requirements of the RNG. 
  • No Bot Certification: Winzo has a No Bot Certification. This is issued after evaluating the systems of online gaming platforms, thereby ensuring that there is zero presence of any bots, mics, assistance, or any other sorts of control.
  • Fairness and equality: They have mentioned on their website that everything including the rules and regulations regarding the services the platform provides, stays the same for all users, thereby ensuring fairness and no bias. Also, no person or employee who is involved with the platform in any manner is allowed to participate in any contests on the platform. 
  • Policy violation: To promote anti-cheating and to prevent and detect any instance of fraud play, Winzo has fraud detection systems. RNG is effectively installed to ensure no repetition and uniformity of numbers and card sequences. If any user is found to be engaged in any such illegal or fraudulent activity, they will quickly and strictly face responsive action. They will also be terminated or restricted from using the platform and its services and if necessary, the platform will seek a refund and take legal action.


Fair and responsible gaming is extremely important in online gaming. This is not only important for the platform’s reputation but also for its other users. Rules and regulations mentioned in the platforms clearly state their stand in cases of unfair gameplay and violation of rules. It is also the social responsibility of players to ensure the same. 

Play responsibly and make every gaming moment, a winning moment. 

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