How to Address Desire Discrepancy in Long-Term Relationships

One very crucial issue that people often face in a long term intimate relationship is the mismatch of sexual desire with their partner. This problem bothers many people because it often happens that you have a high sex drive but the other person doesn’t want to engage in sexual activity, a situation that leads to both partners not being able to agree on the frequency of sex, which can lead to unfulfilled sexual desires or long-term libido mismatch leading to the breakup of a relationship, and so on.

This guide will take you through all aspects of the causes of libido mismatch and how to solve it from different perspectives, hoping to help you and your partner work together to find the most suitable frequency of sex for you and how to solve it. If you want to improve the situation of your libido difference through sex toys, welcome to check out the tracysgog online store, where you can find all the sex toys you want and enjoy multi-buy discounts.

What is Desire Discrepancy? What is Sexual Desire?

Differences in desire are the occasional mismatch in sexual desire between partners; sexual desire is the interest or drive to have sex, an urge to have sex. Sexual desire itself is a complex desire that changes differently over time or with a person’s physical or mental state.

So it’s perfectly normal for partners to have differences in desire, although such differences can be very distressing or make both partners less satisfied with the relationship, for example. But there are many ways to help you narrow the desire gap or improve the situation.

Why Desire Might Decrease Over Time

In the early stages of a relationship, couples will generally have a strong interest in sex, and both sides of the sexual behavior will occur very frequently. At this time there is generally no difference in desire, so couples in just together when often feelings will be very sweet. In the budding stage of a relationship, both parties are very intoxicated by the sweet feelings and sexual pleasure that this new relationship brings. This is due to the fact that at this point you don’t know the other person completely, so you are more prone to lust and exploration when dealing with an unknown person.

In a long-term relationship, any characteristics of the other person become more stable and predictable, and the desire that was once fueled by the unknown or mystery and ambiguity begins to fade, and both partners will not be as passionate about sex as they once were.

And in a long-term relationship where both partners know each other well, sexual desire can change as their commitment to the relationship changes. For example, some people who have been with their partner for a long time may have the illusion that their relationship has become so stable that they don’t need to give more to maintain it, resulting in inactivity or indifference in the relationship. When faced with this situation, both partners will have a significantly lower sex drive, and there will be a difference in libido, among other things.

Or whether it’s a problem in the relationship, a gradual flattening of feelings because of a long period of time together, or because of something trivial in life, whenever a couple’s desires in the relationship change, it can be disconcerting and accelerate the deterioration of the relationship due to the prolonged lack of intimate behavior.

Navigating Desire Discrepancy in a Long-Term Relationship

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But there are still ways to help you effectively improve the situation of your desire discrepancy and bring back a satisfying sex life:

Don’t stop initiating sex

For a partner with a high sex drive, it can be easy for them to become frustrated and released if the other person lacks sex drive and doesn’t want to have sex with them. This can easily lead them into a situation of internal conflict as well as self-doubt by fearing rejection when they try to engage in sexual activity or fearing that they are putting too much pressure on their partner, what you need to do at this point is to have some serious communication with your partner to make each other realize that there is a problem with their mutual sexual desire and to understand what is going on with each other.

Those with low desire often need each other to initiate sexual activity because they are at a stage where their sexual desire is not as strong as it could be. Instead of stopping intimate activity with each other, it’s better to communicate your concerns honestly with each other and help each other find ways to turn you on.

If the other person’s ideal sex frequency is low, you can also try to satisfy your libido with sex products such as sex toys or the mini sex doll. There are currently multi-buy discounts on tracysgog, so feel free to pick your favorite sex toys.

Education and normalization

Another question that partners often worry about is whether a difference in libido or a desire for each other that is no longer strong means that there is something wrong with your relationship? Or many people attribute this phenomenon to the fact that the relationship is no longer a good fit, and these ideas are actually incorrect. Differences in sexual desires are perfectly normal, and what you need to do is to understand why they occur and actively seek solutions.

You can consult books on sexual desire or partnership, so that you can understand the changes that have occurred by absorbing more knowledge, and you will be better able to get through it by looking at the differences in your sexual desires in a correct and positive way.

Communication and creative problem-solving

Although in a long-term relationship, the novelty and mystery will be reduced, but sexual desire does not necessarily decrease, some couples in the sexual activity get along very well, and in they tend to be in the line of desire will also be handled better, which has an important relationship with the way of communication and negotiation.

Maintain a good intimate relationship with a very good way, that is, and each other to jointly arrange your sex time, this way can let the lower desire of the party for sex to set aside enough time, as long as you reasonable arrangement of sex time, this will help you slowly eliminate the lack of sex brought about by the negative effects, and to meet the sexual needs of both sides of the sex drive to improve the difference.

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