J.D. Power recommends that car owners repaint their cars at least once every five years. With that said, your car paint might need replacing even before those five years are up.

So how do you properly protect car paint? What are some tips for car paint protection?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about the best car paint protection strategies.

Wash Regularly

All the dust, grime, and other substances that you car collects can really harm your car. If you drive your car every single day, it’s recommended that you wash it at least once a week.

Go through all the car-cleaning progressions to get your car as clean as possible. That way, your paint coating won’t be as affected by all the foreign substances and UV rays.

Protective Coatings

Protective coatings designed to keep your paint intact are also readily available. Paint protective coatings are transparent layers that keep your paint safe from scratches, ruffs, chips, and other forms of damage.

Investing in protective coatings is key if you want to protect car paint. Getting the right coating is paramount to the process. Detail Pro is an excellent PPF car choice, so give them a look if you’re interested.

Watch Where You Park

Watching where you park is crucial, as a lot of small damage can be done to your car’s paint coating when you’re not even in your car. For example, parking under a tree leaves your car vulnerable to tree branches.

Trees also drip sap, which can be really annoying to remove for your car surface. Watch out for tight parking spots too, as you can easily scratch your car’s paint with a single poor parking job.

Protection From the Sun

UV rays are a big concern when it comes to car damage. Parking in a garage of some kind is generally considered a good call. Not only will it protect from droppings and tree branches, but garages also protect your car from the sun.

A cover is an alternative for those who don’t own a garage or don’t have enough space. Find the right size cover for your car to make sure nothing touches your car’s precious paint job.

Chemical Exposure

Even things as innocuous as soda or coffee can cause serious damage to your car’s paint. They contain acid that corrodes your paint when not attended to.

Tar, insecticides, sand, and even silly string also damage car paint when not attended to. It’s important to not only keep your car out of these chemicals’ way but to wash it off whenever any contact is made.

Protect Car Paint the Right Way

Knowing how to protect car paint is all about putting your car where things won’t touch its paint and applying coating to make sure it’s as safe as possible. Use this guide to help you protect your car paint at all times!

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