Do you want to transform your boring and ordinary bed into the sort of bed you find at luxury hotels?

If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. It only takes a few steps to bring some of that luxury into your bedroom. And we aren’t just talking about using some amazing bed sheets – it requires a proper setup as you are about to find out.

If you haven’t traveled much lately, then why not bring some of that luxurious hotel vibe into your house? And do you know what the best part is? Everything can be done on a budget!

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Prepare Your Bed

Before we start, you must prepare your bed by removing everything that is on it. Once it is done, proceed to put on the mattress protector. The essential benefit of putting on a mattress protector is that it protects the mattress from allergens, dust, mites, and water.

Put on Bedsheets

A pro trip to make sure that the bedsheet is wrinkle-free after you have washed it is to saturate a washcloth with water and place the bed sheets back into the dryer with the wet washcloth. After 20 minutes, the water from the washcloth will transform into steam and make the sheets wrinkle-free.

Next, we are moving on to the flat sheet. While putting the flat sheet on the bed, make sure that it is face-down, so if there is some sort of pattern or design, the side goes back up when you flip it later. So, lay the flat sheet on the bed with the face down and make sure that it is nice and centered around all bed edges. Also, don’t forget to tuck in the overhang at the foot of the bed.

Place the Blanket/ Quilt

Lay the blanket or quilt by making it face up. Once the blanket has been placed on the bed, take the flat sheet and blanket and fold it back (only a quarter) down the bed. At this point, you will understand why we had you place the flat-sheet facing down earlier.

As you will flip the back cover, the pretty side of the flat sheet will face up. At the bottom of the bed, make sure to tuck in the corners and get the bed in an ideal form – nicely tucked, and pristine! Believe us or not, but sometimes all it takes to transform an amateur bed into a luxurious hotel bed is based on how you tuck the corners.

The Hospital Fold

You might have heard about the term “hospital fold” before. It might sound complicated – but it is the other way around. Once you get the hang of this technique, you will become a pro in the art of mastering the “hospital fold.”

The first thing you do is tuck the blanket and flat sheet underneath the base or the foot of the bed. On both sides of the bed, you will be left with an overhang. Pull up the overhang onto the bed at a 45-degree angle; take a leftover and tuck it underneath the mattress. Pull the overhang back down, and you will have that beautiful crisp edge.

Continue to tuck the blanket and fitted sheet underneath the mattress. Repeat the process on the other side of the bed. You might take a moment and appreciate the beautiful edges of the bed.

Place the Duvet/ Comforter

The next step involves a duvet or a comforter that you will place on the foot of the bed. If duvets cause you trouble while putting the cover on and off, you might want to switch to comforters as these are easier and washable than duvets.

Depending on your personal choice of going with a duvet or comforter, you want to fold it into thirds on the base of the bed. You can also fully cover the bed, depending on your preferred style. However, placing the duvet on the foot of the bed makes the bed appear nice, plush, and cozy.

Add Pillows of Different Textures

The last element of making your bed luxurious are pillows. Just like the mattress, we recommend using a pillow protector. The protector is waterproof and saves your pillow from any potential dust mites. The pillow designs and arrangement on your bed depend on personal preferences. Some people prefer loads of decorative pillows while others are more practical and want to get to sleep quicker.

We recommend opting for a pillow arrangement that isn’t too fussy but also practical and pretty. Take the two pillows that are actually used while you sleep and stack them in the back first. In front of those pillows, place three decorative pillows, such as euro shams. After placing them at the front, make sure that the euro shams look slightly parted in the mid.

Usually, euro shams are 26 by 26-inch squares; however, the insert should preferably be 28 by 28 because it creates more volume and fluff and fills out the cover. An essential benefit of using euro shams is that these create height. So, if you want height along with volume and coziness, you will find euro shams an amazing choice.

In front of the three euro shams, place some decorative pillows. When it comes to the decorative pillow or pillows, we recommend adding some texture but opting for a neutral color. If the euro shams have been 26 by 26, you might want to opt for decorative pillows that are 24 by 24. While lining up the decorative pillows, make sure you line them up in front of the creases of the euro shams to ensure that everything is symmetrical and goes from large to small.

The last added touch to make your room like a luxury hotel room is using fragrance oil. You can also use scented candles. Lastly, a cozy throw perfectly completes the look and feel of a luxurious bed.