Has a sight of possum surprised you in your garden? Were you able to recognise it at first gaze? 

A rustling noise in the middle of the night may be a warning signal. You’re curious about the person or thing in the garden as your pet is acting off. The possum’s leisurely pace of existence makes nothing happen quickly. And when you get closer to check, it’s something that you never imagined, the possum!

The majority of people are not very familiar with possums. They surely start looking for Dead possum removal Mooroolbark if they spot one in their garden. 

More About Possums

Possums are marsupials that range in size from 22 to 36 inches and weigh 5 to 15 pounds. They typically have white faces and grey fur. Being nocturnal, these marsupials sleep during the day and are awake at night. Because of this, possums in your backyard are more typically heard at night than seen during the day. 

Despite popular belief, it is simply untrue that the possum and the rat are related. In actuality, they are linked to koalas and kangaroos. Being marsupials, they have pouches where they hold their offspring. So don’t worry! It’s not a huge rat or close to a rat’s relative that’s running about in your garden. However, if you still feel it’s a nightmare to have a possum around, contact your neighbourhood pest control Melbourne professional to complete the task in a compassionate and safe manner.

Possum: Nesting Location

Possums do not create their own dens; instead, they take possession of pre-existing and abandoned dens. The places they search for include ancient, deserted animal burrows, brush piles, woodpiles, and hollow logs and trees. The nesting possum will be happy if they find a cosy area under your garden steps, decks, or shed.

Even though a possum would naturally prefer to live in a forest, raising its young is of utmost importance to the marsupial. They must have access to food, shelter, and water. Backyards, therefore, appear to be desirable breeding locations. These creatures require an easily accessible food source, which your trash cans provide!

Signs Of Possum In Your Yard

Possums are slow-moving, but in just one night, they may completely wreck your yard. They will dig through your trash cans, tip over your flower pots, and rip apart your insulation and ductwork. If they settle in your backyard, it’s important to watch out for signals that the marsupial is causing harm to the neighbourhood.

  • Opened garbage bins
  • Overturned bird feeders and flower pots
  • Damaged ductwork
  • Strange compost stacks
  • Broken hen coops
  • Poop in the basement, attic, under the stairs, inside the shed, and everywhere else

What Attracts Possums To Your Backyard?

Possums are forever on the lookout for food and shelter. They are omnivorous, which makes them opportunistic feeders as well. They favour foraging for food that has been abandoned by others, rotting fruit that has been left on the ground, and garden insects. Here are a few explanations for why they could be drawn to your garden in particular.

  • A possum might visit your garden if you have rodents around.
  • The trash lids are left open, which is not only attracting possums but other animals might be interested in your leftovers too!
  • Do you keep water and food bowls for your pets outside? The possum has no problem with sharing at all.
  • The fruit falling from the exotic fruit trees in your yard is something that calls them to binge.
  • Maybe there is a deck or an elevated area in your home? That would be the ideal place for a possum to hide and build a nest.
  • The land on your property has some overgrown, dense bushes. Or your garden has some great hiding places for possums.

What To Do If A Possum Has Settled In Your Backyard?

There are various things you may do to exclude possums if they are giving you trouble. Always check local pest control Melbourne laws before trapping or killing possums because it can be prohibited where you live. But generally, you can carry out the following: 

  • Under an elevated home, install a lattice or fencing. Block entryways to sheds, garages, and other places they can enter and hide. Try the same for elevated decks and porches. Put mesh wire around the edge of your garden if you have one.
  • Utilise motion-activated sprinklers to scare the animals away as another method of possum removal Melbourne.
  • Use safe repellents. To deter opossums, spray a scent repellent on your garbage cans and in your garden. You can make your own repellent by combining ammonia and water if you don’t want to buy any.


The easiest technique to encourage a possum to move away from your yard is to just take away the attractants. When that happens, there is a possibility they’ll leave to find a location with much more comfort than your backyard. Or else it may be quite difficult to get rid of them. In addition, clearing out these parts of the area will deter a variety of pests like rodents and snakes. However, if you are serious about getting rid of the possum in your garden, we advise consulting pest control Melbourne experts.