If you follow the social media posts, the twin flame journey can feel like a walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong, of course I think this might be the most important thing you’ll ever do, but too often we overlook the twin flame separation phase.

We need to clarify immediately: opinions differ here as to whether separating the twin flames is a “phase” or not. It’s a term we use for convenience, but it can actually happen repeatedly and is more of a process for both twins working toward unity than a single stage on the journey.

I’m not going to get stuck on the terminology here, because it doesn’t really matter if we consider it a scenario or not. What matters is that we understand what is happening, why it is happening, and (most importantly) what we should do about it.

What Is This Separation ‘Stage’ A Bad Thing? Is it Common?

I have mentioned the separation phase in so many other posts because it happens to almost everyone.

It is a stage in which one twin will find (or invent) a reason to separate from the other. Sometimes this can be an emotional haven where they are simply not “romantically available” and sometimes they will create a physical distance and prevent you from contacting them.

There are those who are lucky enough to meet their twin flames after they are both spiritually ready for the union and skip this stage entirely. If this is you Fantastic. You managed to skip what is arguably the hardest part of the entire trip (this life at least).

I have spoken to literally thousands of people about their journey with the twin flame. The great, great majority go through this stage, so whether you do it or not, it doesn’t say anything about your journey in one way or another. It depends on when you are.

Twin flame separation phase is quite different from normal ratio separation. Like, different day and night. It can feel horrible as if our entire life has been ruined in the blink of an eye.

The same intense burning love that makes a twin flame relationship so intense is the same thing that makes any kind of spitting or separation so excruciating. While it can be incredibly difficult to move on, the fact that you even get to this stage is incredibly rare and should not be taken for granted.

What Causes the Separation Phase?

It may seem like an event or situation triggers it, but generally this is an excuse the runner’s twin flame will tell you (and themselves). The real cause is that you are not ready to unionize yet.

Soulmates are mirror souls. They mirror each other, which means that when both are ready, they push each other to new heights and closeness. If you find yourself before you are ready, you will also reflect negative qualities. There are no faults or problems to hide from a mirror soul, which is why the separation phase can be so emotionally charged.

I know this phase can be brutally painful (trust me, I know), but it’s actually a good thing. Most people will not meet their twin flame in this lifetime, so while it can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining, it is actually a very good sign.

I know it doesn’t help much while you’re going through this phase, but trust me. It’s worth it.

Who Causes the Separation Phase?

This is something important that I think we should try to understand. Too often the 5555 angel number twin flame runner is blamed simply for not “understanding.” It may seem that they have it easy and the fighter is the one who has to deal with the difficulties of everything.

This part of the journey can hurt, and it’s very easy to project that pain.

It’s understandable, it happens, but it won’t do either of you any good. The sooner he can break that habit, the better. Negative baggage like this will only make the separation last longer.

Remember that you and your twin flame are two parts of the same soul. They both cause it.

What About Twin Flames Separated by Distance?

It is not uncommon for twin flames to deal with a difference in physical distance, but separate 3333 angel number twin flames or distance may or may not go through an actual phase of separation.

It’s not uncommon for the runner’s twin flame to give the wrestler and herself an excuse why they can’t be together right now. Sometimes a physical barrier makes you an easy scapegoat. I’ve seen him often enough to say that he’s pretty common, but it’s also possible that he’s really ready to unionize and that external circumstances are the only thing separating him right now.

It is impossible for me to say exactly what is happening and apply it to everyone, but remember that doubt often occurs during the first stage.