The traditional and precise golf sport involves talent on the green and understanding of the rules—every golfer, whether amateur or pro, should know the amount of clubs they can carry. 

So, learn about the number of clubs that should be there in a golf bag as well as exactly how to arrange golf clubs in a bag to improve your game.

How Many Golf Clubs Can One Carry?

The R&A and USGA set golf regulations globally, including in the UK. You can also learn about these regulations in Golf Digest best in Florida. Per their rules, players can carry 14 golf clubs in their bags every round.

This regulation levels the playing field and requires players to tactically choose clubs for various shots and situations on the course.

Why Follow the 14-Club Rule?

Penalties for carrying more than 14 clubs vary per format. 

For violating this regulation in match play, the score is reduced by one hole for each hole, up to two holes. Breach penalties in stroke play are two strokes per hole up to four strokes. 

Golfers must follow the 14-club restriction to avoid penalties.

How Many Golf Clubs in a Bag?

Golfers may carry less than 14, but the maximum is 14. Driver, two fairway woods, irons from 3 to 9, pitching and sand wedges, a putter, and sometimes a hybrid or two are normal. Selecting clubs that match your style and the course’s obstacles is crucial since your bag may greatly impact your game.

So, 14 clubs are permitted. Players choose these clubs at their discretion and strategy.  Golfers should evaluate their strengths, limitations, and course layout when choosing clubs.

Balancing between woods, irons, wedges, and a putter helps improve course navigation.

How Should Golf Clubs Be Placed in a Bag?

It’s important to arrange your golf clubs in your bag for ease, quick play, and organization. Here’s a quick tip or two for keeping your clubs handy and your bag organized:

  • Driver and Woods: The area of the bag that is furthest from the strap is where it should be placed: the back. It keeps them from clashing with other clubs since they are the tallest.
  • Irons: In the center of the bag, arrange them in increasing order (lowest to highest number). This arrangement simplifies grabbing the appropriate iron when you need it.
  • Wedges and Putters: Since wedges and putters are often used near the greens, they should be placed at the front of the bag for convenient access.


Although it’s not something you think of frequently, understanding the number of golf clubs you have with you is highly essential to avoid sustaining unneeded penalties on the course.

No minimum number of clubs is permitted on a course, so feel free to take less if 14 is too much for your style of play.

However, avoiding cutting yourself too short is strongly advised since courses might provide some surprise shots. Make smart club choices to prevent giving yourself shots that are too tough.