Developments in the field of artificial intelligence have created a niche and investment opportunity in many fields. Editing or generating images through AI has become very popular recently. AI-powered logo design service, which has started to be provided in the field of logo design since the end of 2015, is now provided by many platforms or applications. In other words, it is possible to create a logo design via AI without providing any instructions, using only the brand name.

It is also possible to create a customized logo design through AI through additional filters such as industry knowledge, tagline, and color selection. Moreover, designs created using a logo maker can be created in just a few minutes. Logo makers, who manage to provide the comfort of manual design processes in downloading high-quality logo files, will become more popular and indispensable in the coming years, and predictions that investments in the field of AI will increase by an average of 30% every year until 2030 confirm this situation.

How to Choose the Best AI Logo Maker in 2024?

As of 2024, many logo makers are actively serving. The first approach recommended in terms of both financial and business results is for users to choose a logo maker platform that is inclusive and in line with their needs. Therefore, it is possible to say that not all online logo maker platforms that provide services in this field provide the same quality or the same comprehensive service, and there can be a considerable difference between these platforms.

For the reasons we mentioned above when choosing an AI logo maker, considering the following factors can be essential for the success of the business and the quality of the generated logo:

  • Pricing:

It can also be mentioned that there is a purchasing process when obtaining a logo through a logo maker. To use online logo designs obtained through these mostly paid platforms for branding purposes, commercial rights must be obtained. At the same time, it can be said that paid applications with a unique logo design are more standard and reliable. While some platforms provide services only in logo design, some platforms provide services in both branding and logo design. Some platforms offer two separate services together in terms of pricing and offer them separately as a premium.

  • The amount of logo design options:

While some of the logo maker platforms offer new logos via ready-to-use templates, some platforms offer unique design results. Therefore, users can choose platforms that offer unique design suggestions to obtain a logo in line with their wishes. On the other hand, some of the platforms that produce design results through templates offer more template options than others. It is recommended that users start the online logo-generating process by doing research in this field.

  • Logo file formats provided:

While online AI logo-maker platforms produce design results in a short time, they also guarantee that logos are made available to their users through downloadable files. The file formats provided by the applications or platforms that provide services in this field for downloading may vary. Platforms that provide optimized logo files in SVG format should be prioritized when choosing.

  • Services provided:

Various logo maker platforms offer one or all of the areas of branding, social media kit, and logo design. Depending on their needs, users can choose a platform where they can choose only the logo file or also logo files that are optimized for other areas in question.

  • Commercial rights:

After editing and downloading the logo design, people who want to use it for branding purposes, that is, for commercial purposes, must obtain full commercial rights. Many logo makers offer commercial rights. By choosing one of these platforms, the user can gain ownership of the logos without any official process.

A Great Suggestion for An AI Logo Maker: Zoviz

Zoviz platform is one of the best AI logo maker platforms in terms of user experience, with its locally optimized price policy, an infrastructure that can generate logos through brand names in all languages, being a multilingual website, and being able to create unique designs with its own AI infrastructure.

Zoviz Logo Maker, which offers both branding and logo design services together, makes it possible to easily obtain design results, the designs are unique, and the social media and branding versions of the designed logo are presented to the user as a preview even if the premium package is not purchased, and the logo design can be easily done through mockups. It offers a multi-dimensional design experience regarding its appearance.

Zoviz also offers an editing section where it is possible to edit the logo without having any design knowledge. Zoviz supports the dreams of its users who want to create their brand by aiming to be budget-friendly and accessible to everyone and continues to develop and be constantly updated.