The Quran is written in a distinct style that distinguishes it from other writings. It takes a long time to become accustomed to this way of life and have every cell in your body respond to Allah’s Word. As a result, memorizing the Quran may take some time, but it is required to reach this level.

Many people aspire to memorize Quran online, yet many fail to do so due to a lack of understanding of the Quranic approach. As a result, people struggle to remember things, feel heavy, and become angry. 

You will be guaranteed a specific length of time to memorize the Quran if you take one of Quran Schooling’s Quran memorization courses. The beautiful hifz schedules are prepared by creative and qualified Hafiz tutors who ensure that you adhere to the program schedules.

There is no set period for memorizing the Quran; all you need is a plan and a qualified online Quran trainer. Memorization of the Quran is also dependent on the individual’s interest.

Here Are Some Directions For Memorizing The Quran Easily And Effectively

Commitment To Hifz Quran

Your faith is the most important element in becoming a Hafiz. There are two categories of students: those who are interested in learning and those who are interested in learning.

The first group is made up of people who are intimidated by the effort and believe it is impossible for them to Hifz Quran. The second group comprises pupils who view memorizing the Quran as a challenge, persevere, and set themselves a difficult task. They are the ones who devour the least portion of time Hifz Quran.

Practice to Get up Early Every Morning 

If feasible, get up first and offer Fajr prayers in the mosque. Spend a few minutes memorizing the Quran after you’ve finished your early morning prayers, rather than doing anything trivial like watching TV or surfing the internet.

Hiring a Quran Instructor  

If you have qualified Quran teachers, it can make a big difference in your ability to become a Hafiz. It not only guides you through the process of memorizing the Quran but also cuts down on the time it takes.

Distractions-Free Environment 

It is best to recite the Quran in a peaceful, undisturbed environment. You will be able to strengthen your concentration and retain what you have memorized if you keep your surroundings serene.

Early morning memorizing activities, for example, is more useful because there are fewer distractions at that time, as previously said.

You can improve your concentration by turning off your phone and laptop and focusing solely on the Quran.

Maintain Track of Your Destinations

You should keep a solid track if you wish to memorize Quran online in less time. You will have memorized two portions by the end of the week if one page of the Quran has at least 20 – 25 lines, and this pattern will continue until you have committed the Quran to memory fully. You can also learn verse by verse while considering the meaning of each verse using a translation.

Memorize as numerous times as you can 

It is critical to go over each verse of the Quran several times to memorize it. To ensure that you remember all you’ve learned, adopt one of the three ways stated below:

Begin memorizing sessions each day at the beginning of the day.

Before beginning new memorizing, go over the lines you learned the previous week. The assumption behind this system is that the most recent memory will be forgotten first. As a result, going over the preceding chapters of the Quran is a smart approach to get your brain warmed up.

How Long Does It Take To Memorize The Quran

Memorize the Quran in Two Years

The most important thing is to get a qualified Hafiz tutor who can familiarise you with Quranic tajweed and help you create a two-year tailored schedule. Choose a mushaf that has 600 pages in total and a juz length of 10 pages. Follow the best two-year Quran study plan.

Memorize the Quran in One Year

A Muslim must follow specific requirements to ensure that his memorization is well preserved in his mind and that he can recollect all 30 juz of the Quran in a year. You can start by memorizing a little portion of a verse or 1-2 verses every day, then work your way up to memorizing more verses. Repeat the verse a few times. Try to take advantage of the one-year Quran Schooling schedule.

Memorize the Quran in Six months

If you want to memorize the entire Quran in six months, you’ll need to build a better plan, make a decision, and choose a mushaf you can trust.

Stick to your strategy and keep your goals simple. Recite the remembered and revised section in front of your hafiz tutor or a hafiz coworker. Select the best moment to memorize the juz, such as after the fajr prayer, then repeat it in each prayer.

The Age Factor

Have you ever considered what age is best for Hifz Quran? It occurs when a person is a child. When it comes to memorizing the Quran, kids surpass adults. Mental acuity, a lack of obligations, the ability to absorb concepts, and a variety of other elements all contribute to a child’s ability to memorize the Quran.

As a result, a 7 or 8-year-old youngster may take less time to memorize the entire Holy Quran than a 30-year-old adult. As a result, it is recommended that you Hifz Quran as soon as feasible.

If You Will Memorize | Each dayYou will Memorize In 
1 Aya17 years and 8 months and 10 days
2 Ayas8 years 9 months and 18 days.
3 Ayas5 years 10 months and 13 days
4 Ayas4 years 4 months and 24 days
5 Ayas3 years 6 months and 7 days
6 Ayas2 years 11 months and 4 days
7 Ayas2 years 6 months and 3 days
8 Ayas2 years 2 months and 12 days
9 Ayas1 year 11 months and 12 days
10 Ayas1 year 9 months and 3 days
11 Ayas1 year 7 months and 6 days
12 Ayas1 year 5 months and 15 days
13 Ayas1 year 4 months and 6 days
14 Ayas1 year 3 months and 0 days
15 Ayas1 year 2 months and 1 day
16 Ayas1 year 1 months and 6 days
17 Ayas1 year 10 months and 0 days
18 Ayas11 months and 19 days
19 Ayas11 months and 1 day
20 Ayas10 months and 16 days
1 Wajh1 year 8 months and 12 days
2 Wajh10 months, 6 days


Memorizing the Quran is a difficult endeavor that necessitates a lot of thought. The most effective technique to study the Quran faster is to use a Quran memorizing planner. Many platforms offer Quran memorization classes; Quran Schooling is one of the top online memorization platforms.