The thought of mass migration of youngsters to the Anglosphere has struck the minds of many Indians. Some want to know why it is happening, some already know why it is happening, and some are amazed at the crowd of youngsters interested in receiving visas. So, the article will focus on the top reasons that propel youngsters to opt for an abroad education. 

No one can deny that the education system prevalent abroad is far better than the one prevalent in India. Thus, we have the foremost reason that drives such a massive crowd to travel abroad. But is that the only reason behind the mass migration to foreign countries? For sure, not!

Several reasons drive Indian youngsters to foreign countries and the article will discuss the most prominent ones. So, get ready with us to have a profound answer to the question: why Indian youngsters are traveling abroad?

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The reasons behind the mass migration of youngsters to foreign countries:

The following pointers will elaborate on the topmost reason that people Indian youngsters travel abroad: 

Aggression control 

In India, people are becoming aggressive and they have no idea about it. Movies are promoting aggressive characters and the strangest thing is that people are going crazy over it. Songs promoting carnage are getting millions of views every day and youngsters are following that sort of attitude wholeheartedly. It is strangest that people are also showing aggression over the name of God who is known as the epitome of peace and brotherhood. 

This is not the case in foreign countries. People have gained expertise in handling aggression and providing polite answers. The educated Indian youth demands respect and aggression will never let them have that easily. Thus, this is, we believe, one of the best reasons that is causing mass migration. 


The policy to earn and study is the core reason that has helped many international students get settled abroad. In India, the focus is on studying even after completing secondary education. When it comes to foreign countries, the students are independent in managing their education and survival and this also promotes the overall growth of the students. 

In addition to that, there are other policies as well that simplify the lives of the people living there. People feel safe with the police system prevalent there. 


There is still a debate among the Indians about what makes foreign countries neat and clean. The clean environment abroad is one of the foremost reasons that promotes the quality of the lives of the people.  Many people travel abroad to experience the cleanliness of the countries and they just wish to stay there forever. This is the major reason why Indians find it hard to get back to their home countries. 

One of the most important things is that you will get your thing right on the spot where you forget it. If you forget your phone on a table and travel again to get it back two hours later, you will get your phone right in the place you forget it. 

Quality education 

In countries abroad, the focus is on preparing yourself for the job you desire and the learning system doesn’t restrict to theory. You will get a chance to research and grow your knowledge with the practical approach that polishes your knowledge to the greatest level and equips you with the required knowledge to do your job perfectly. 

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The content mentioned above must have helped you know the top reasons that are causing mass migrations. Along with that, one major reason is earnings as well. You can earn according to your hard work and help your family live a quality life in India. So many people traveled abroad and changed the lifestyle of their family members to the greatest level. 

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