Dogs are loyal friends. But dogs are active and love to go out and play. Sometimes they may not be able to find their way home because they are lost.

What should you do at this time? Of course, it is to buy a pet tracker for your dog! But there are many pet tracker brands in the market, is there any device without a subscription fee?

Yes, there are pet trackers from Aorkuler and PitPat that do not require users to pay a subscription fee. Pet owners do not need to pay extra after purchasing a pet tracker from these two brands.

I will go into detail about these two brands of pet trackers. Then help pet owners pick the best pet tracker for their dogs.

PitPat Pet Tracker

PitPat pet tracker is a combination of GPS and cellular network. After GPS location, it needs to transmit location data using the cellular network near the dog and pet owner. 

The pet owner can view the location information of the dog on the mobile app.

PitPat pet tracker needs to use a cellular network while working. So, the pet owner needs to use this pet tracker in a place with a good cellular signal.

If it is in a rural or suburban area with a weak cellular signal, PitPat pet tracker can’t work properly. The pet owner can’t check the location of the dog in real-time.

Why is there no subscription fee for PitPat when it uses the cellular network? Pipat pet tracker includes the subscription fee portion along with the sales price of the product.

Pet trackers on the market using cellular networks sell for about $50 and annual subscription fees are about $100+, adding up to a total cost of nearly $200 per year.

PitPat sells for $200~$224, which is about the same as the cost of a year’s use of a mainstream card-plugged tracker. So, if the hive mind is good and good, Pitpat is a good choice.

This pet tracker also has a dog activity data monitoring feature. It will record the data changes in the dog’s activity throughout the day.

The pet owner can check the dog’s information on the mobile app. When the dog is sick, the pet owner can find out in time and take it to the pet hospital.

Besides, PitPat pet tracker has the function of setting up an electronic fence. Pet owners can set an activity range for their dogs on their phones. 

When the dog leaves this range, the pet owner’s cell phone will ring an alarm.

Aorkuler Pet Tracker

Aorkuler dog tracker consists of GPS and radio technology. After the GPS is in position, the tracker transmits information about the dog’s location to the controller via radio. 

Pet owners can view their dog’s location in real-time on the controller’s screen.

This pet tracker is not susceptible to cellular signals. So, it can track the dog’s location in rural or suburban areas in real-time.

Since it does not require the use of a cellular network, the pet owner does not have to pay a monthly subscription fee. There is no need to pay extra after the pet owner purchases this pet tracker.

Aorkuler dog GPS tracker has a waterproof feature. It has a waterproof rating of IP67. It works even if the dog is playing in puddles. 

Pet owners don’t have to worry about their dogs going to play in the water when they wear this pet tracker for their dogs.

In addition to this, the Aorkuler pet tracker has sound and night flash functions. When the controller’s screen shows that the dog is nearby but does not show up due to injury or hiding, the pet owner can use the sound feature to find the dog.

The tracker worn by the dog will beep. The pet owner can find the dog based on the direction of the sound.

If it is in the case of poor visibility, the pet owner can use the night flash function. The pet owner can find the dog based on the direction of the flashing light.

The price of the Aorkuler and PitPat pet tracker is nearly the same, but the working principle is different. 

Aorkuler dog GPS tracker doesn’t rely on cellular networks, so it can track your dog in real-time in places where there is no cellular signal.

PitPat pet tracker relies on a cellular network. It can only track dogs in places with good cellular signals. Its range of use is limited by the cellular network.


From the comparison of PitPat dog GPS tracker and Aorkuler dog GPS tracker, if the cellular signal is good, then Pitpat can really help users save some money on usage; however, if the cellular signal is poor, Pitpat will not be able to work properly, while Aorkuler pet tracker is more suitable.